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Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday, Monday

"Whuff" is the noise I want to make right now. I am in one of those moods where I have about 400 things I ought to be doing. Am I doing any of them? Nope. Blogging.

I took the kids to the park this morning, during those doldrums known as after-morning-snack-but-before-lunch. It was a little chilly, probably low 40s, and really overcast. Of course, now the sun's out. Anyway, it's a challenge because Ed's not walking but is big into exploring and climbing. And Lucy's not really much of an explorer and would much prefer to follow someone else's lead. Or just sit in the (very cold and damp) sand and dig. So I let her, and I just let Ed toodle and crawl around. Thank goodness for antibacterial soap and machine-washable clothes, I tell you what.

So apparently I signed myself up for the Soldier Field 10 Mile, which sounds a lot like I will have to run for TEN WHOLE BLEEPING MILES, which is about eight more miles than I am at all comfortable running. I'm so not pleased. Anyway, it's in Chicago on Memorial Day Saturday. My sisters are running too, which would be fine except they'll be flying on ahead of me and I'll probably just stop in Chinatown mid-race until someone comes to pick me up. I'm toast.

I start teaching my new swing dance lessons tonight and I'm sort of looking forward to it... I think? I don't know what the space is like, but I do know the people who set it up for me, so I'm hoping it'll be fun and fulfilling. I've never taught two sessions of classes concurrently (I mean, one-right-after-another, is that the right word? I think it's not.) but I think that might be a good thing... I can learn from my own very recent mistakes.

But I should probably at least wash my face before going.

Also, I'm supposed to start Lucy and Josie on some Friday dance lessons and I have some seriously awesome ideas but it's kind of a daunting task, pulling a whole curriculum together.

And I promised JG I would put the laundry away upstairs. He asked very sweetly and in the way that means, seriously, it would be a really good thing if I could get it done.

And I guess I should think about dinner. I have pork chops defrosting on the counter... but no plan...



John Shabe said...

I write a blog about the Sopranos TV Show and I was wondering where you got the name for your blog. See, Pie Oh My Was a horse iin the Sopranos, and he was killed by a dude called Joey Pants, so it's kinda weird. And clearly it loojks like you aren't into the Sopranos, so I was just wondering.

Meg said...

That is an extremely weird and more-than-a-little disconcerting coincidence! "Pants" and "Pie Oh My" are, respectively, my nicknames for my kids. The nicknames (and, I suppose, the kids as well) were not conceived at the same time. I've never even seen the Sopranos; I usually sing alto. ;)
I worked at a horse-race track for a few years when I was a teenager... um... yeah.

**dumbfounded** :)

ol neighborina nicole said...

Can Will and O get in on those dance lessons??!!
I'd pay ya!

John Shabe said...

I was afraid of that, Meg. Listen, no worries. Just don't watch 'the Sopranos' with Pants and Pie Oh My around. but feel free to visit Jersey anytime.

CarolSue said...

What a weird series of comments. Seriously.

Oh - and just an FYI - the link for Josie isn't working. I think you used a comma (I almost wrote coma) instead of a period between blogspot and com. I'm not entirely sure why I was checking the link, considering it's my own blog. Sometimes I baffle (I almost wrote waffle) myself. Mmm. Waffles.

Rebecca said...

'Suppose Viv isn't old enough for dance lessons...but if she was...LOOK OUT!

Shabe said...

Here's my blog post, btw

Shabe again said...

Feh, that's not my blog post ... Pesky cut and paste.