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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I love my kids, I love my kids...

But MAN it's kind of been a long week.

What's that you say? It's only Thursday? Ahhh, geez.

Put the kids down for naps right after lunch, and Ed was up gabbing at 1:59. OBJECTION!! I say. Overruled, says Eddie. He's up. But it's only 2:29 now and I'm going to let him hang out in there for a bit. He's happy.

This has been my first "full week" with Jayla and she is SUCH a doll but even though she's only here for 1.5 hours I do seem to get significantly less done around the house than I would like. By which I mean that I have not had a chance to pick up my book all week. Rats!

Nicole Watson's mom (occasionally commenting here as The Madwoman of Preserve Path) as a new blog. She's a great writer and very funny so check it out if you have time.

I am boring the living daylights out of myself. Sincerest apologies.

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slskenyon said...

Well, as long as you are contented, the perception of boredom is moot. I hope the book gets a look sometime soon.