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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Christmas Miracle!

Nine nights of sleep! Yep, Miss Lucy's been sleeping through the night for the last week and a half. Sure, we get an occasional 3 or 4 AM wakeup, but at least twice we've* put her down at 8PM and she wakes up after 5AM. It is HEAVENLY. I've even managed to learn to pump before I go to bed (around 10PM) to avoid waking up in a puddle of breast milk. Rock and stinkin' roll!
So the main difference really has been putting her to bed at 8:00. We'd been unwittingly keeping her up until 10 or 11, which was apparently wreaking havoc on her little sleep-wake cycle. Anyway, it's much easier on us to put her down at 8; even if she cries for 40 minutes (which is about the max) we can easily re-Nuk her or give her a top-off feeding when we're NOT trying to get to sleep ourselves.

*And when I say "we" I mean Joel. He is some kind of miracle-worker with putting her down.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Sleeping Through the Night! ... And Starting Day Care

We had a kind of rough weekend with Lucy -- she can be so happy and gorgeous and then we do one little thing, like put her down, or shift her position and she is screaming. Saturday Jean and I caught a matinee of "Sweeney Todd" at Bloomington Civic Theatre (it was phenomenal, by the way) and I was gone for almost 5 hours, which was way longer than I would have liked. On Sunday JG and I went to visit his parents in Monticello. It was lovely; I got a fabulous nap in and Lucy was an angel, PLUS Donna made a ham for lunch. Mmmmm. Anyway, on the way home we had time to devise a Plan for Lucy's overnights. See, the trouble is, we have this perfect Plan A to make it though the night.

Plan A: We put Lucy down to bed at 10 PM and she sleeps until 7 AM.

Right. You can see where the problem might be with that. So Plan B is put into effect, and when Joel and I are between sleeping and waking, we can never quite read each others' minds as to what Plan B is.

OK, so on Sunday night we decided that we'd put her down at 8:00 and then when she cries for an hour or more, we won't be trying to sleep at the same time. So I fed her at 7:30, put her in bed at 8, and she did cry... for about 40 minutes. We turned in at 10:30 and I woke up at 4:30, bursting... but the Pants stayed sleeping until 5:30!! It felt like a real victory, even though it may be the only time it ever happens.

So that was actually a surprisingly good start for the work week. This morning Joel dropped her off at Dee's daycare. Dee only has one other child there this morning, and Dee's mom was coming over later to meet Lucy. Joel felt really good about the whole thing, but did mention that Dee had to practically kick him out of the house. I want to call, but I am afraid I'll break down if I hear Lucy screaming in the background.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Three Months Old!

Yesterday was Lucy's three-month birthday. I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Developmentally, I understand that she's doing just fine. She pretty much holds her own head up all the time now. We've started putting her in the front carrier, facing forward, which she just loves. She's been drooling a lot for the last week, so she may be starting to teethe, though I understand that that first tooth might not crack for three or four more months. She's just learning to grab at things more purposefully too.
We think she's got a touch of acid-reflux; she isn't vomiting but has some ferocious burps and is usually crabby right after feeding (not like her!). She's taking baby Zantac twice a day but I'm not sure it's helping.

Last night was NOT good for mommy; Lucy was up at midnight and again at 2:00. That second waking she had completely drenched her diaper and all four layers of clothes and blankets she was wearing; she then screamed through her entire diaper/costume change and into the feeding. Grrr. So I got about 4.5 hours of sleep. I'm so glad it's Friday.

Back to Work

It was inevitable -- I went back to work on Wednesday, December 1. And I have to say that I'm taking it better than I expected. I haven't even cried... almost to my disappointment in myself.
My group at work has been so sweet; Marnie brought donuts and McDonald's breakfast, and Kim made a huge welcome-back sign. It really meant a lot to me and has made the transition so much easier.
My dad came up to watch Lucy this week; we start day care on Monday the 6th. It's been great having him up, and he is just so cute with Lucy. Plus it's probably better for my psyche to make only one transition at a time: getting myself out of bed this week; working on Lucy next.