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Thursday, December 29, 2005

32-week ultrasound

Got the all-clear from the doc yesterday -- the placenta is now 4.5 cm away from the cervix, so all is well. The baby looks great, super-cute if I do say so myself. Now we just need to:
1. finish the basement bathroom
2. move the guest-room into the basement
3. repaint and furnish Gus's new room
4. sort through Lucy's old eensy-weensy clothes
5. buy some eensy-weensy diapers the next 8 weeks or so. Aaargh!

Oh, and we're adding a new name to the mix: what about Elaine for a girl? We could call her Laine or Lainey, maybe.

We had a WONDERFUL long Christmas weekend (meaning it spilled over into Wednesday) with both our families. Thank you Gronaus, Dahlheimers, Ryans and Evanses (apostrophes omitted intentionally for grammatical correctness) for making this a fabulous Christmas chock-full of love and laughter. And LOTS of laughter. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I keep my pants up with a piece of twine

Grandpa "Googly-goo" Ryan is up this week, playing super-nanny to his favorite granddaughter. I can see why celebrities feel like they can't live without live-in nannies -- it is AWFULLY nice to have someone around of whom you don't expect anything except to entertain the baby. Whoa, that was some nasty syntax.

Joel and I were able to catch a movie last night (YESS!!) -- Walk the Line. It was good. Really good. But maybe a little long? And not exactly action-packed? But I really like Johnny Cash's voice. Or rather, Joaquin Phoenix DOING Johnny Cash's voice. Yum.
(Aside to Joel: Agent John Doggett! That's who it is.)

Had my 30-week checkup this morning and all is well there, too. I've gained 6 more pounds (17 or 26 total, depending where you're starting from), BP and baby's heart are all good. My doc is a doll and she cheerfully signed my cord-blood donation form and answered my silly questions. She always knows just what to tell me to make me stop worrying. Love her.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Exercise and the Pregnant Minnesotan

What a horrid time of year to be hugely pregnant!

1. Because of all the hat, scarf, coat, etc. I have to wear to stay warm, it is not at once obvious that I am pregnant. HALF THE FUN OF BEING PREGNANT IS IT BEING OBVIOUS. Nay, instead, I just look a little rotund.

2. Speaking of exercise... a simple walk around the block is really tough when your city doesn't plow the sidewalks. Most people do their own, but occasionally you get to a block with lazy residents and you're Out Of Luck. Which, for me, could easily also mean On My Butt, followed by Suddenly In Labor.

3. The wind! My god, the wind. Manages to swirl up under my shelf of a belly, beneath my coat and my plenty-long shirt, and freeze my little lower abdomen. Brrr.

4. The shopping! My god, the shopping. Hauling my burgeoning self from the farthest corner of the parking lot, to the store. Lugging gynormous parcels everywhere. And I'm sure people would be delighted to lend me a hand... see #1.

Well, that was kinda dumb. Sorry, I have to go shopping. :)

Weekend Wrap

Gus is, as we speak, cuddled up comfortably ON MY INTESTINE. And it really hurts. I just want to jiggle him a little to get him to change position.

I had a dreadful episode of sadness on Saturday, precipitated by Lucy's being a total MONSTER for me. The usual, you know: slapping me, pinching my skin, screaming and refusing to sit still for a diaper change, refusing to eat, and general whining and malaise. Made worse, because Joel's been working on the bathroom and I really WANT him to work on the bathroom, and he really WANTS to work on the bathroom, and fer Petey's sake I should be able to take care of my own daughter for one stinking day... right?

Anyway. Turned out what I really needed was just a little nap, and what Lucy needed was to be left alone in her pack and play with 75 different toys and a couple ounces of milk, watching college basketball for about an hour.

We all recovered.

Had my book club's annual cookie-bake on Sunday, and thank God for those girls. I got some ideas for the kids' rooms, lots of "stop worrying, you're doing fine" (which I desperately needed), a few pregnancy workout videos... and it didn't hurt that the cookies were (and are) super, duper yummy. Joel is even eating them with surprising voracity, considering he's never been a "dessert guy."

(Cute aside: because Joel is the Gronau I know best, I often (and sometimes mistakenly) project his qualities onto his family as a unit. Well, once I said something like "Oh, you Gronaus aren't really dessert people!" and Joel's mom was VERY quick to disown this particular trait of Joel's as an anomaly and certainly NOT representative of the family as a whole.)

Thanks also to my Mom (who is probably surprised reading this, since I didn't even actually talk to her) for mentioning to Joel how she is able to enjoy grandparenthood MUCH more than parenthood. It just helped me put things into a larger perspective and realize that I'm normal for not being able to maintain a blissed-out aura of peace and happiness at all times.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

People are funny

So, I have a banana sitting on my desk. It's not the most beautiful banana in the world; it's probably a day or four past its prime. Reminder: I work in a cube. TWICE today, someone has stopped by my desk and told me how "disgusting" the banana looks. And twice, I have responded, "Hey! You're going to hurt its little banana feelings!"

Now, how often in YOUR life have you gotten to say "little banana feelings"?

Think about THAT. :)

Done? Good. I'm going to take it as a compliment that my co-workers feel comfortable enough with me to openly criticize my food.

It's turning into a good day today, despite itself.

Fun With Polls

I'm experimenting with some polls. See the ones at right? You should vote. I want to see if I can make it work within a post, too, so...

How should we arrange the kids' rooms?
Lucy should stay in her own room; it's HER room.
Lucy should move into the other room; Gus can have "the baby's room".


Free polls from

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

15 month checkup

Lulu had her 15-month checkup yesterday. Vital stats:

Weight: 24#, 6 oz. (75th %)
Head: 18.25" (63rd %)
Height: 31.5" (83rd %)

So for all of you who keep telling me she's a peanut, she is NO PEANUT!

OK, fine she's a peanut.

Anyhoo, she had three shots (flu booster, MMD and chicken pox), which pretty much knocked her out for the night. But other than that, she's great! Next appointment is at 18 months, at which point she will be (gasp!) a big sister. Holy crumbs!!

Had my last swing and latin dance classes last night. What a fun experience... but exhausting!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Penguin Pratfalls

Joel had Lucy in her "penguin suit" this morning (her snowsuit, that is, which is pink, not black and white, but which renders Lucy extremely chubby and waddly and therefore penguin-esque)... and Lucy tipped over and cut her lip on her tooth. Ouch! Joel said there was some blood, of course, and he feels terrible. He said if she was a little older he probably would have taken her straight to Dairy Queen. Golly, I love those two. :)

hills and valleys

Well, after the high that was the beginning of last week, there was bound to be a letdown. Nothing is wrong, I'm just feeling kinda down. I don't feel like I finished anything this weekend -- didn't clean the bathroom, didn't put all the laundry away... the usual. I didn't practice my hynobirthing stuff hardly at all (and when I did it didn't feel satisfying) and I spent a lot of the weekend feeling tired and kind of frumpy. Lucy even sprouted a couple more teeth and I'm just not that excited about it. Oh well.
Just reporting... no big deal. :)

Oh, and I had a BIZARRO dream last night, involving my cousin's wife Lynda, my St. Colette t-shirt, an upside-down elevator and a humongous office building.
I should go get some coffee.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Meg in a happy place

Hi. Hypnobirthing totally rocks, is all I have to say today. I don't know what turns Gus's birthing will take, but I am learning to feel completely at ease and prepared for the whole thing. If nothing else, I have learned to relax myself in my daily life (invaluable in my line of work AND as mom to Miss Pants).

It is difficult finding time to practice the relaxation techniques, so I have been taking my CD player into a conference room at lunch. I can honestly say that I think this practicing has helped me focus more on my job, and to handle the problems (which invariably arise) with calmness and professionalism... well, at least as much as I can muster. :)

This weekend starts the holiday celebrations, with the "dice game" at the Gronaus. I diverted from my usual dollar-store purchases of Crap I Hope Doesn't Come Back Home With Me, and instead went for Small Lovely Things Which I Might Find Useful.

One of my clients just spelled my last name "Grouneau." I mean really, I think maybe she's just mocking me.