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Friday, January 27, 2006

36-week checkup

Quick! Sorry!
Hemoglobin good. Blood pressure good. Protein good.
Gained 2.7 lbs. in 2.7 weeks. Good.
Baby's heartbeat in 140s-ish. Good.
Baby is head down, but turning side to side. Good. Baby's not fully "engaged" ("dropped") yet. No problem.
I'm starting to dilate ("a fingertip," she said, which is not quite a 1). Good.
And... I'm 50-75% effaced! Making progress!

Of course, when I asked the nurse-practitioner exactly how she could tell I was effacing ("thinning"), because she just goes in and pokes around a bit, and it's not like you can exactly take a caliper to a cervix, she admitted it was kind of a guess. So, take it for what it's worth.

Still feeling good. Happy weekend to all!

Real Men Eat Lots and Lots of Quiche

Hey there, things have been better the rest of the week. I picked up a stinker of a stuffy nose after water aerobics on Wednesday, and Lucy has a fever of 102-103 (but no other symptoms) but other than that we are all doing great. Gus is kicking up a storm, and I have my 36-week checkup today (results to follow).

Lucy's been super-funny recently about pretending everything is a phone. (Flash-forward to teenage years.) She takes a shoe, or a stuffed animal, or a pre-wrapped sausage, holds it up to her ear, and says "hello!" and then various other gibberish, and then "go!" We get such a kick out of her.

The Watsons came over last night, bearing dinner (feasty quiche!!) and dessert (homemade blueberry muffins!!). How on EARTH did we get so lucky, to have such amazing neighbors? All three toddlers LOVED the quiche, and we grownups polished off two whole pie-pans full. It was so wonderful of them -- thanks again, guys!

And it's Friday! Yay! I have a massage scheduled first thing tomorrow morning, and then Ellen's coming into town and we're going to try to go to TwinsFest, as long as we're all relatively healthy.

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to Alison and Nikki today. Hope you girls have great days, respectively!

Oh, and we need some help on the girl-name front. I'm open to accept some lengthy and biased opinions on the names at right. Go!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pregnant Babes at Work

Hey, here's a couple photos of me and the other 2 preggos in my office. I'm the one in the middle. :)
Girl on the left is due exactly one month after I am; girl on the right is due 6 weeks after I.

Oh, and girl on the left wrote a song which I thought was very cute:

We 3 pregos of ALTAFI are
Bearing bellies we've gained thus far
Wide and gorgeous
We are enormous
Following our cravings galore.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Am I blue?

Yeah, I'm a little blue today. For starters, my job... and then there's Lucy. What a kid. She started crying in Target after I picked her up from day care yesterday, and cried all through the dinner hour, and cried when I put her to bed. And though she slept for a couple hours, she was up crying by 10:30 again. And it's this whiny, tired cry... and she points at things she wants, but sometimes it's nothing, and she cries WHILE SHE'S SLEEPING. Completely asleep, eyes closed, crying.

And I'm starting to worry about her lack of verbal skills. At no point in this crying does she say "Mama" or "Dada" or anything that even sounds like a word. Even when she's crying alone in her crib in the middle of the night, and it's obvious that she wants a cuddle from one of us.

I don't know what we should do. She doesn't eat anything after day care anymore -- maybe a Clementine or a fistful of cheese, but nothing resembling dinner. She wants to sit on our laps, then wiggles to get down and then cries when we put her down. She cries when we try to play in the living room. Cries through her bath. But it's really the waking up crying in the middle of the night that gets me! She's been a good sleeper since she was, like, three months old -- what is going on?

Joel's a saint, of course -- he gets up, rocks her, and last night even let her sleep on his chest for a while. And I just feel terrible.

Not to mention, a girl at work accidentally said "this year" rather than "this time" when referring to my current pregnancy... and I just started crying. Is that what people think??

Sorry, I'm just tired I guess.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Constantine esmoldered at me!

Hey there. What a fun weekend I had! Joel got back from Denver on Friday night and it was sooo good to have him home again. Saturday we slept in 'til 8 and then we all went to open-swim at the high school by our house -- we had the pool to ourselves; it was great. Though Lucy seems to have forgotten how much fun she had in Water Babies last spring.
We just kind of hung out the rest of the day -- napping intermittently, eating occasionally, doing laundry sporadically. Sunday I had book club (always a wonderful time!) and Sunday night Jean and I went to see Constantine (from American Idol) and his band at The Fine Line. We NEVER go to concerts, or out at all really, and it was fun pretending to be young and spontaneous again. The show was pretty good; Constantine is still our boyfriend; I ran into my theatre friend Katie. It was a good night!
Oh, and CONGRATS to my cousin Kate and her husband Joe -- their daughter Isabelle Augusta was born on Saturday, and everyone's doing well.

Special thanks to Joel for letting me indulge in All Things Fun for Meg this weekend. Love you honey!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thank goodness for black backdrops

... although I guess for those of you who are dying to see "how pregnant" I look, you're out of luck.

Some funny photos of me from my company holiday party. I'm an idiot. :)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Congrats Heather and Brian!

My friends Heather and Brian had their baby early, early Sunday morning. Jackson William was 8 lbs 4 oz and mom and baby are doing fine... I think. :) CONGRATULATIONS and welcome, Jack!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hilarious posting on

Check out this listing in the "FREE items" section of

I mean, really.

34-week checkup

Saw the doc for the 34-week checkup yesterday. Everything's great! I gained another 6.5 lbs for a grand total of somewhere between 25-30 lbs. BP was something like 110/65 or so. I never get precise measurements on the "tummy check" or baby's heartbeat, but apparently both are going strong and as expected.

I did, however, have to ask the doc about what happens right after birth. Because I:
- was so excited
- didn't have my contacts in or glasses on so I was TOTALLY BLIND
- had been given that sedative (Vistaril) five hours before... plus the Nubain
...when Lu was born, I can't seem to remember anything about what happened right after she was born. Anyway, the doc last night thought I was crazy that I'd forgotten everything.

Sorry, I have to go work now. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Little things I am grateful for today:

  • - hair binders (whatever did I call these before I moved to Minnesota? hair rubber-bands? hair elastics?)
  • - water bottles
  • - the sun (actually the sun is very large, but you know what I mean)
  • - nice coworkers (some of them are large too -- although not as large as the sun)
  • - Famous Dave's gift certificates

Monday, January 09, 2006

Exhausted but happy.

Did you have a nice relaxing weekend, but have a tendency to feel guilty about not getting too much stuff done around the house? Then don't read this. We went, as Joel likes to say, "hog-nuts" this weekend. Recap:

On Friday over my lunch break, I bought paint for Gus's room (Benjamin Moore's "Crown Point Sand") and the basement bathroom (Manda Mudd's "Megan"). Friday evening, Joel took Lucy ot Menard's to buy painting supplies, and I went out to dinner (Enjoy! in Apple Valley) with Mandy and her girlfriends -- it was fun to meet some new people.

Saturday morning, I taped off Gus's room while Jean picked up my p's at the airport. Then Gramps and Gram ("Googly Goo") watched Lu all day while Jean and I primed Gus's room and Joel painted the basement bathroom. Saturday evening was my company holiday party in Brooklyn Center, followed by a birthday party at the Richfield American Legion for Joel's sister Jamie, Joel's sister Julie's boyfriend Kaz, and Aaron Briner.

Sunday, I took my folks to the airport and then stopped by Ikea with Lucy. We bought her a new dresser and a toddler table-and-chairs set, plus some curtains and rugs for Gus's room. Joel's p's came over to watch Lucy and to help Joel start tiling the basement bathroom floor -- I re-taped (stupid blue tape!) and started painting Gus's room. At 3:30 Casey (a guy at my work) and his wife and two boys came over to adopt Hobo from us, which they did. When they left, Joel and I finished painting Gus's room, then I made a run to Target (Lucy was down to ONE diaper). After Lu went to bed, I assembled some of the Ikea furniture before bed.

  • Grandparents are AWESOME.
  • Sisters who help paint are awesome too.
  • The Richfield American Legion is very smoky.
  • The 16-year-olds who work at Ikea can be very helpful and friendly, if you just ask.
  • Benjamin Moore makes some really nice paint.
  • Taping a room well, before painting, makes the painting part super-duper painless.
  • Life without a dog is much simpler.
  • We are going to have a new baby NEXT MONTH. ARGH!

Now I have to work five whole days in a row. But DANG do I feel GOOD!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Alison has a baby girl!

My friend Alison (from Rolling Meadows HS) had a baby girl on December 28 (geesh Martha, can't get away with ANYTHING around here!). Click here to read her story!