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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm sitting here wondering why I have this crazy sense of deja-vu and I realize: I LIVED THIS SAME DAY TWO YEARS AGO!!

Yes, that's right, it's the end-of-August, where Joel gets to go on a 3-day golf trip and I get to stay home and care for our progeny IN THE RAIN. I get to look forward to softball and Jamie babysitting, only to have it RAINED OUT. I do suppose this year there's much less poop. Phew.

Other news: our pumpkins are ginormous; we've got a couple that are maybe nearly 2 feet in diameter. We also have zucchini (finally!) and tomatoes coming out of our ears, so slide me any great recipes you've got. And it turns out that my 3 green pepper plants might actually produce colored peppers as well! I left a bunch on the plants, to see how big they'd get, and lo and behold some are turning reddish. So that's kind of fun.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Garden update

My friend Peg asked for this, and just in case there's even one single other person who might be interested...

OK, taking a walk around the garden, starting with the main patch:

Facing south. Far left is rhubarb, now spent for the year (much to Joel's delighted relief... did I tell you, last time I made a rhubarb pie, Joel said "Rhubarb AGAIN!?!" I mean, really, Joel, your wife is BAKING A PIE and you are complaining. Sheesh).

On the right of the above photo, and on the left of the one below, we have raspberries. Mostly eaten by the gol-blum Japanese beetles. To the right of this shot are the strawberries, finally weeded (phew).

Below we have a super-diverse section of the garden: from left to right there are strawberries, snap or snow peas (I don't know the difference and I don't know what the seed packets said), spinach (now mostly gone), the crazy walking onion and crazy dill, followed by more peas and then the watermelons and the pumpkins on the far upper-right of the shot.

Close-up of the pumpkins -- we've got maybe 5 pumpkins, and this one is the size of a basketball already.

Watermelons; we planted 2 different kinds and this one has a few little melons -- the biggest (shown here) is maybe the size of my hand?

Still walking in a counterclockwise circle -- this is a better shot of the peas in the foreground

Still walking... the crazy onion is in the middle:

Above is one of three green pepper plants. We've eaten about 3 peppers so far... so good!

Below we have three-plus zucchini plants and the sunflower.

The zukes have been slow to grow. I picked one the other day and this seems to be the next one coming below (attached to the flower)

Our tomato patch (4 plants), with basil in the front.

Close-up of our 2 early-growing tomato plants; a cherry and an early-girl. The basil is flowering and I'm trying to pinch off the flowers but it might be too late.

Ranting and raving

So, something that crossed my mind today is: is it really my purpose in life (at the moment) to be my children's slave? Because it just kind of really feels like it today.

Mama? Can I wear this?
Mama? Can I eat something?
Mama? Can you open this for me?
Mama? Can you get the tape out of the VCR?
Mama? Can I put my pajamas back on?
Mama? What are we doing tomorrow?
Mama? Can I have a playdate?
Mama? Can you clean up this spill?
Mama? Can you help me get my pajamas off?
Mama? Can you wipe my popo bottom?

Like, do I just happily address all these requests? Because sometimes my own needs (to finish a task, to eat something, to go to the bathroom, fer pete's sakes) conflict with theirs. And I get sooooo sick of the cadence of the "Mama?" It starts to grate on my soul.

Also, last week when my kids were napping like the dickens, I had several people tell me they hoped I was "taking some time for yourself." I do not know what that means. Like, "time for myself," ideally, would mean complete freedom to schedule my days as I wish... and would also necessarily have to include some form of financial freedom as well. The kids napping (or quietly watching a movie, which is officially replacing Naptime because if the kids nap they are awake until 10pm) just means I get a chance to clean up after a meal... or start prepping for the next meal... or clean up all the teensy little messes my kids have made... or throw in a load of laundry... or swish-n-swipe the bathroom...

Now, I DO make time for myself throughout the day to read snippets of the newspaper, do a crossword (or Sudoku! my new obsession! I know I'm like five years late to the Sudoku! party, sorry), and check email. But those feel like supershort bursts of absolutely necessary decompression-time, not exactly "time for myself." To me, "time for myself" would feel more like a week at a spa.

OK sorry! The real reason for this post is some pictures.

Eddie's angry about something; possibly me noticing his mismatched, flood-pants pajamas... and the slippers... and the helmet...

My cousin Bridget and her hub Dan and their kiddos came for a visit. Supercuteness ensued...