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Monday, April 30, 2007

2 questions, and I expect responses!

Question! For the healthy-eaters, the budget-conscious, and the cooks in my readership:

Is there any reason I wouldn't always substitute ground chicken or turkey, for ground beef? Is there some reason 90%-lean ground beef is over $3 per pound, when the ground poultry is sometimes $1 per pound?

I am totally serious. Is chicken fat more onerous than beef-fat? Is it a cholesterol thing? I have no idea. Help!

Question Part 2, completely unrelated:
Lucy woke up soaking wet from her nap today. Tinkel? No. But her hair and clothes were soaked through... did she just have a sweaty dream, or something?


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Honestly, I think taste is the one reason you'd choose to or not. Some things just taste better with beef than with poultry. But poultry is much better for you than red meat, so if you like the taste (or can get used to it and like it eventually) you're always better substituting chicken or turkey.

THat's weird that Lu was so wet! And you're _sure_ it wasn't pee? Maybe she just dranks so much water that it didn't really smell pee-y? I dunno, that's weird. Maybe she really was just really hot. Sometimes Abby gets really hot and I have no idea why. Metabolism boost for a growth spurt or something? Totally making that up, I really have no idea how that kind of thing works. :)


John Gilligan said...

Katy and I use ground Turkey all the time. We had turkey sloppy joes last night... and again for lunch today. It's a bit of a blank canvas. It needs alot of flavor to be added to it and it tends to get dry because it's so lean. But I think that's the case of most food that's "good for you."

Lisa Anderson said...

We grew up near a turkey factory, so we got ground turkey at wholesale prices. As a kid I don't remember a difference at all, although now I crave beef. Poultry is healthier, but I agree with everyone else that it is more of a taste thing.

As for Lucy, could it have been drool? I know David's crib sheet has been totally wet, and I thought he might have leaked, but it turned out to be drool from teething.

Meg said...

Thanks everyone! Gotcha on the taste thing -- if I were making burgers or something that's mostly meat (as opposed to mostly sauce and/or veggies) I would definitely use beef, I think.

PS But I did make some ultra-tasty chicken meatballs the other day. They had a lot of other flavorings in there, soy sauce and worcestershire and fish sauce, for starters.

As for Lucy, I can only think it's sweat. The only time I'VE ever sweat that much when sleeping is when I was having some weird hormonal things going on (like, right after I had Eddie, i think? I would wake up in a puddle). But who knows? It was really pronounced around her hairline (her hair was really wet) and her undies were not wet in the middle (where you'd expect) but more around the leg-holes. Whatever, it was just very weird.

Rebecca said...

Vivian has really sweaty sleeps sometimes. Requiring total change of clothes and bedsheets. Just a growing thing, I'm told.

Anonymous said...

Meg-A - what up? I love reading your blog and keeping up with your training schedule, you're doing fabulous!! You inspire me...makes me want to run, run, run.....well ok, I think I got carried away there! Good job, keep it up!

Deena :)