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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coming up with an original title is sooo taxing.

What? I haven't written anything since last Tuesday? Inconceivable.

Last week was a rough week in our household. Ed sprouted 2 new molars and had some kind of nasty sad-panda cold-thing and I was experiencing several minor-yet-exasperating aggravations, plus I was running a lot (and hence very tired) and kind of anxiously anticipating my Weekend of Fun, upon which I will now elaborate...

Well, I'm midway through Meggo's Weekend of Fun!! (Oh sorry, I started typing this Saturday afternoon.) Joel took the kids up to Monti for the weekend and I am alone. I am all by myself.


So last night (that would be Friday) I took myself to a $2 showing of The Queen (with Helen Mirren). Great movie! This morning (Saturday) I treated myself to a haircut and then ate lunch at Shish on Grand Ave (I burned my gums on the tomato soup but the Turkish coffee was unbelievably good) and then I did a little shopping, and then I ran about 40 minutes in that neighborhood. I'm not big into the Grand Ave scene, but it is so cool to get to go into these establishments and chat for a while with the owners.

Tonight I think I'm going to try to catch the Zenon Dance show (later note: I did. And I'm glad I did, though modern dance remains a total mystery to me). Tomorrow morning I'm drinking brunch and then playing softball in the afternoon.

A couple other kidnotes I started weeks ago and never posted:
Lu can recite the entire book "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late" with minimal prompting.

She says, apropos of nothing: "I'm sorry, I'm a girl."

She has a stock narrative to "tell you about her day." It starts with monsters in her closet, and sometimes progresses to a school bus or train ride. I don't know that she's ever been on a school bus or a train.

She thinks that when she wakes up from nap, it's a new day (she'll often refer to the morning as "yesterday" ("usterday") and sometimes as she's going to bed at night, she asks if Jayla is coming soon).

She's going to the potty "all on her own" now, from taking down her own skirt/underwears to wiping, to dumping out the little potty. She actually does really well... she's much more coordinated than I sometimes give her credit for.

Ed has glommed onto his Word of the Month: Mommy. Finally! After 2 months of "Hi" and then "Hi Da!" Now we get "Mommy. Mom-my. Momm-mmy." He usually says it like a question, too: "Momm-my?" so I'm always, like, "Yes?"

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

"I'm sorry, I'm a girl"??? That's hilarious.

Abby says almost every word in that upward-lilting/question-type-way, like Ed's "Mommy."

I'm dying to see "The Queen" and I heard it was on DVD now. So you'd recommend?