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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Music Truck Story

It's not even a story, really. This is going to be so anticlimactic.

So you know the ice cream truck that drives around the neighborhood in good weather? Well, my parents told me it was the music truck: playing music for the enjoyment of all the children in the neighborhood. Kind of like the Pied Piper, or something.

My parents also gave me crackers, saying "Here! These are cookies!" So then when I'd go to other people's houses and they'd offer me cookies, I'd shrug and go "Eh, no thanks."

I mock, but look! I have relatively healthy eating habits today.

Thanks to all the commenters from yesterday. I want to apologize for not being as cool and diplomatic as I wish I could be... my itchy typing-fingers and short temper are things I struggle with daily.

Anonymous comments are welcome on this blog. Identifying yourself, however, allows readers to put your words into some sort of context. Most of my readers are white, middle-class midwesterners. But some are not. Diverse perspectives can edify us and make us all more well-rounded and better-educated individuals. But simple words, without knowing the writer's background or experience, can be open to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

I don't think yesterday's Anon meant to be nasty or rude -- if I only knew who the person was, I would be able to "think" the comments in his/her voice, and put myself in his/her shoes, and see where he/she was coming from. I know "tone" is important, and it's hard to convey "tone" in a simple comment.

I've heard of, and visited, blogs where nasty anonymous comments are left, all willy-nilly, and I've always been happy and proud that my readers haven't gone there. Uh, listen, I'm not a philosopher or whatever. I'm tired and I want to blog about my kids and my runs. So, hugs and kisses to all...

My kids and my runs
I just realized "my runs" sounds really gross.

Ran this morning (got up, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, at 6 AM) and got my tush out the door and made it almost 2 miles without having to walk. These hills are killing me, I tell you what. I completed the same loop as usual, but I went a couple extra blocks because I got lost in my neighborhood. I know, it's mostly a grid. I sorta got turned around... not used to being out when the sun is on the eastern horizon. Anyway, by the end I felt terrific and I think I need to start stretching my total distance. So I popped the kids in the double stroller and pushed them a mile and a half to Cub Foods (with a potty stop at the library) and back. More hills. Oyyyy.

My cousin Kate is in town for bid'ness and came over for dinner last night. Our first meal of the season in the gazebo! We had nice talks and lots of laughs.

Going to bed now...

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Julie G. said...

I am so proud of you for getting up and running in the morning. I am also doing a 10k this summer and I am only up to 1.5 miles with 2 blocks walking. But I do think my music is really not to motivating. I listen to Billy Joel, Stevie wonder and The Beattles(I blame joel and jamie for not educating me on music). But on the bright side I am working on my British accent. So, righto mego for running (get it, that is the brit in me :) Love you and the kids.