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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And now, some good things...

If you're familiar with that 1973 animated, musical version of Charlotte's Web that is Lucy's obsession, then you'll appreciate how Lucy spent the entire ride home from Easter in Monti singing "My brother, my brother, my Eddie!" to the tune of the title song.

Especially if your 2-year-old spent the ride home from Easter jabbering about cows.

Today when Jayla came over (before all Hector Villanueva broke loose), I had J and E and L all sitting on my lap, and Ed kept reaching for J and I said, Ed, can you say "Hi Jayla"? And I swear he totally said "Hi, Jay-jay!" He said it like three times. Awesome!

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Lisa Anderson said...

Here's another good thing for you. Not that you care anymore, since you no longer work here, but YOUR project just won a CUNA Diamond Award!!! It was Solidarity's die-cut piece. Go to and scroll down to see it. AWESOME!!!