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Monday, March 28, 2005

Deceiving the Baby

Well, I guess it starts now and ends with "Really, honey, I WANT to be in a nursing home..." ...the necessary lies we tell our offspring.

Tried to feed Lucy some peas last night. They were delightful peas, really, quite sweet and a palatable shade of green. But she wanted NOTHING of it. I have never really seen her NOT open her mouth for food before, but there she was, determinedly ignoring the spoon poised in front of her adorable little lips. And crying of course, because she could see the box of yummy rice cereal right on the table. So we mixed up a batch of what Joel likes to call "breastmilk cereal" (the phrase has a nice rhythm about it) and then clandestinely spooned the peas into the mixture. And, of course, she gobbled it down in her usual way.

Lucy was, in Joel's words, "up to her elbows in grandparents" over the weekend. My mom and dad came in on Thursday to play day-care on Good Friday, and on Sunday we helped Joel's sister Jamie move into her new townhouse, so Gramps and Gram Gronau got their time in too. It was a fun weekend, and Lucy was a dutiful sweetheart. She even slept through the night last night. YESS!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

We just have to do this 12 more times until school starts

Well, we've hit the 6-month mark... 1/12 of the way to 1st grade! Amazing. Joel found a "ticklish spot" on Lucy's tummy the other night -- he *zrbrts* her there and she lets out these pealing giggles. It's awesome.

Had her 6-month checkup yesterday, and here are her vitals:
Head: 16.5" (45th%)
Weight: 16# (50th%)
Height: 26.5" (75th%)

Amazingly, she's showing no ill effects following this round of immunizations. No fever, no crabbies, and she ate and slept just wonderfully last night.

We're really getting to see some wonderful parts of her personality. She's so interested in everything we do now -- last night I was carrying her in one arm and a glass of water in my other hand, and she just stuck her hand right in the water. (Note to self not to carry her and hot coffee simultaneously.) She sits up so eagerly when it's time to eat her "dinner" (rice cereal and carrots last night) and she opens her mouth so wide when that spoon's coming in.

Day after tomorrow, we're leaving for a week in Puerto Rico. I am very nervous about vacationing with Pants at this age -- she's so much more active and demanding than she was in Orlando in December.

Ooops! Gotta run...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Things TO Feel Guilty About

So I got the latest issue of BabyTalk magazine in the mail yesterday, and they had an article called "103 Things Not To Feel Guilty About."

Once again, we are bombarded with this culture of entitlement. Maybe we wouldn't be going down the tubes as a society if people weren't encouraged NOT to feel guilty about ANYTHING. Maybe a little dose of guilt keeps us in line.

Some of the "things" mentioned in the article:

#31. Choosing to bottle-feed.

I REALIZE that I am a Nursing Nazi. But I think a little bit of guilt is in order for mothers who do not give breastfeeding their very best shot. Could you have tried harder to make it work? Could you have toughed it out and made it work? I don't think formula-feeders are bad parents, and I know sometimes it's necessary... but I know if I quit breastfeeding today, I would feel guilty. And I think that's all right.

#42. Using a video to keep your baby entertained... so you can shower or eat a little lunch.

Now, I'm ALL about getting some "me" time, even though I spend all day at work. But I feel like I SHOULD have some guilt about that. Today it's one Disney video -- tomorrow, could an hour of CSI: Miami really hurt? See, it's a slippery slope.

I mean, what's next? Don't feel guilty about not using the car seat every single time you drive with your kid? Don't feel guilty about shaking your baby that one time you were REALLY mad? Don't feel guilty about drinking and driving just once or twice? Alls I'm saying is, a little guilt is not a waste of time. It makes us reflect on our actions and keeps us in check, so that we know better or try harder next time. So the next time we have an opportunity to choose one course of action or another, we choose the one that's better for our baby, better for our neighbors, better for society as a whole.

Lacto-ingestion Parental Summoning Specialist

Joel's being transitioned into a new job within his company. His new title is Key Relationship Support Specialist. Which bumps me out of the lead for Stupidest Title In Our Household. I'm a "Client Service Specialist for Creative Services."

In other news, after three years of solid service in the Gaseous Excrement department, Hobo has been promoted to Quadriped Halitosis Specialist.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band

So Lucy's been on amoxycillin for a few days now b/c of her bronchitis. She seems to be about a zillion times better -- she's back smiling and making new noises all the time. Anyway, to get the medicine into her mouth with a minimum of spilling, we've been spoon-feeding it to her. She loves the novelty of eating with a spoon, and it's so cute how she opens her mouth so wide with each bite. Usually to feed her, we just sit her in her high chair. We've been using the chair for several months -- the seat reclines way back so she's been able to sit in it since she was very little. Well, recently we've been sitting the chair almost straight-up since she's been getting such good head- and upper-body control. So this morning, she started leaning forward for the spoon! Meaning she's really sitting up, all on her own. This seems like a big milestone to me, because I *think* that once she can sit up, we won't absolutely need a special baby chair any time we want to put her down for a sec.

Also this morning, I was trying to think of a goofy song to sing to Lucy as I was getting ready in the kitchen (so she wouldn't realize I was getting MY stuff ready rather than actually playing with her). And somehow I came up with "If you're gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band..." well unfortunately those are the only words I know to that song. So I stopped there, and then out of the bathroom comes Joel, booming the next line: "That lead guitar is hot but not for Louisiana man..."
WHAT!?!? Mr. "I Don't Know Any Songs and I HATE Country Music" knows ALL the words to "If you're gonna play in Texas."

Today we're getting rid of the wagon (donating it to, I hope, some reputable charity), which happens to be the car I learned to drive in. Sad.