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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The blog is dead; long live the blog

I just like saying that. Thank you to the four of you who continue to check this thing despite my completely sporadic postings.

First, business: Congratulations to my cousin Bridget, winner of a copy of The Weight of Shadows by Alison Strobel! Bree, your book will be in the mail. Eventually. Everyone else, thanks for your interest -- you can borrow my copy!

And a note from Alison:

Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks to my fine blog hostess and to her readers. I have been really excited to see how many people are thinking of picking up the book because of the reviews they read during the blog tour. And thank you to everyone who entered the contest! I'll be drawing a winner on July 18 and posting it on my blog. If you haven't stopped by my blog or website yet, I hope you'll pop over sometime and say hi in the comments or on the guest book. Also, if you're interested in hearing about my next releases and any other exciting news that happens to come up, please sign up to receive my announcements--the sign-up is on my website. I have another novel coming out in September, two more next year, and two children's books that my husband and I wrote (the first of which comes out August 1), so there will be plenty of news coming, and I try to host contests now and then on my blog, too.

Thanks again! And if you do decide to pick up The Weight of Shadows and give it a read, please come tell me what you thought of it. I mean it. :)


Now back to the personal stuff. Our summer has been wonderful so far, if super-hectic. I'm happy to say it's... well, I was about to say "slowing down" but I'm not sure that's accurate. Today was a perfect, lovely day: got up early, walked with my mom, kissed her and Gpa Books goodbye after a great long visit, went rollerskating with the kids and my friend Sherry and her son Marty, kissed my kids goodbye as they went off to gymnastics class with the Dalys, taught a quick dance lesson, made my kids' lunch, took a teensy nap, mowed the lawn, washed the sheets, took the kids to the library/community garden/free snack at the rec center, then home for dinner, baths, and bedtime. And the All-Star game is on! Sorta a perfect day.

Except it fell on the heels of several heavy-exercise days, all coming on the tail end of an icky cough, so now I can neither walk nor swallow without 12 daily ibuprofen. I sure do like to walk and swallow. God bless ibuprofen.

So anyway, last 2 weeks Lucy participated in Ashland's theatre camp -- they put on a production of Tom Sawyer. LUCY LOVED IT. And it was a great experience for her. She got to be at camp all day, got to practice eating lunch with other kids. And she got to be ON STAGE. Which she loves. The grandparents and aunties all made it out to see her and it meant the world to her. She has not stopped singing the songs, and she KEEPS ASKING ME when she can be in another show.

Yesterday my friend Rob and I auditioned for "Joseph" at the Ordway (the biggest pro theatre in St. Paul). We learned a difficult but fun dance combo, and we both were asked to stay and sing ... we sang... then they asked us to stay again(!) and then we learned another, more difficult (but also more fun) dance combo. Then they sent everyone home so it seemed like they just really wanted to give us a superlong, free, mostly awesome dance class. Which it was!

So also, yes, I am in a recreational roller derby group. I do not have a fancy name, and I've only been on my skates once, but I think it's going to be super fun.

I am also going to be in a Minnesota Fringe Festival show! Every summer the Fringe Festival is a massive bunch of short theatre pieces that are ... well ... on the "fringe" of mainstream theatre. I'm dancing in the opening act of "Kathy Jensen is Pretty" (a one-woman show about an LA nude model). So that's in August.

And I'm going to be teaching dance again in the fall -- young kids' pre-ballet and musical-theatre dance in Maplewood, Inver Grove and Shoreview. I'm excited to have a paycheck again! Gotta support the new derby habit -- skates are spendy.

Off to check the All-Star score. Later!