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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday morning, I think

AAUUGHH golly where has time gone? We've had an unusually eventful summer -- I made the Minnesota RollerGirls and am now an Atomic Bombshell; Lucy's swimming has really taken off (her late-teenage teacher said yesterday that her front- and back-crawl was probably stronger than his -- she, amazingly, remembers to kick; but the elementary backstroke is her arch-nemesis); both kids have, incredibly, been able to keep practicing piano with a minimum of crying (none of it from me); Joel and Ellen and my mom all did the St. Paul Triathlon last weekend; and there's more exciting stuff to come!

Lucy is having a birthday party next week, and she just came up to me and said "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NEXT WEEK! YOU'D BETTER TELL DADDY!" She was really surprised that he and I had already spoken about it. Ha!

Last night I was helping Eddie with piano (and let me tell you, adjusting to the different approaches to practicing required by my two very-different children is VERY TAXING) and he was working on a very-simplified "Ode to Joy" and he started bawling (of course) and he cried "I don't like this because Beethoven wrote it and I CAN'T PLAY IT!"

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday morning

Hey there! Joel's playing softball in Duluth so I'm home with the kids this weekend. It makes for a very weird summer weekend: no schedule and very low expectations.

Yesterday (Friday) I had to go get some new cushions for my skate trucks. As the kids and I were tooling along 94 through downtown St. Paul on the way to Derby4All, I felt a loose thread on my tank top. I pulled it a little, then a little more -- and the spaghetti strap came completely detached from the fabric, exposing my entire left side. WHOA! Hauled the minivan off at the Dale exit and found Primp, a "cheap-chic" boutique I'd been eyeing for a while. It was busy, but the kids were angels and I found a fix for my wardrobe malfunction. As we were getting back in the car, both kids gently let me know that they really liked one of the other items I'd tried on -- a little ruffly cotton dress. I'm guessing it's not the last time I'll get fashion advice from them. They were so sincere and sweet about it -- "Momma, I wish you bought that pretty dress" -- that we jumped back out of the van and went back to get the dress. The saleslady told the kids they were hired. And I treated them to cinnamon rolls from Bars Bakery next door. Yummalicious.

Nothing like a little retail therapy to lift the mood! I've been feeling absolutely nauseated about the upcoming MNRG draft -- now that we're down to the final week of boot camp, it's the same feeling as the week before tryouts. The feeling that things are changing -- changing from something good, which is always scary.

Speaking of change, I cleaned out the garage on Thursday and WOW did that feel good! It wasn't a total disaster, but things had been strewn about and disorganized, and that needed to be rectified. I took a huge load of books and VHS tapes to Half Price Books, where they actually gave me $20 for the lot. And I found a diary that I kept for a short time in 1997-99. I read through it last night and it was a good reminder of how discontented and unsettled I'd been my last year of college. And how grateful I need to be now, for how truly happy I am with my current lot.

Last night I took the kids to Lake Elmo for picnic dinner (broaster chicken, watermelon, and the kids' respective favorite veggies: red bell pepper for Eddie; cherry tomatoes from our garden for Lu) and swimming. I love swimming with my kids -- Lucy is such a fish and Eddie is so silly -- and floating in the water felt lovely on my various derby-related aches and pains. As we were packing up, the Lucy and Ed were helping each other and and I overheard a nearby dad say to his kids: "Look, he's helping his sister instead of fighting with her. It is possible!" A proud mama moment for me.

Today's plan: clean up the house, then skating at the Oval (free), afternoon bowling (free coupons), dinner at Culver's (also heavily-couponed), and then up to see Ashland's production of Cats. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! When does Joel come home again?