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Thursday, November 20, 2008

the schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries!

I'm sorry for no updates in, like, forever. I loathe the excuse "I'm too busy!" -- everyone is busy. For some reason, this week has been exceptionally trying around here. So you get one quick kid story per kid and then I'm out.

Oh I should warn you that neither story is funny at all -- they're more for character development.

Lucy: What's a Bamo?

Me: A bamo?

Lucy: A bama?

Me: Oh, what's Obama?

Lucy: Yeah! (duh, Mom, that's what I was saying)

Me: He's going to be the president of our country.

Lucy: What's a president?

Me: The president is who the people of our country choose to be our leader.

Lucy: Are YOU going to be president?

Me: Oh, no. No. I won't be president.

Lucy: But you go to that Leadership Program!

Well, I about fell on the floor. Her grasp of the language really astounds me. And, I mean, she's totally right. What a kid.

On Monday we were at an open gym with the Watsons, and Ed all of a sudden started crying and ran out into the hallway. I followed him and found him leaning his forehead against the vending machine.

Me: What's wrong, Eddie? What's going on?

Ed: I'm sad. I'm sad because my friends do not play to me. I want them to play with me.

I assured him that the Watson boys would LOVE to play with him, but that he was going to have to just jump in and get involved in whatever they were working on. He cheered up right away, went back in the gym, and joined the boys. It's just amazing to me how we can all communicate so well. It's so fun hanging out with these little people!

OK really, have to run. I'm so sorry.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My funny fambly

OK just some quick funnies from our day:

We're getting ready to go to church, and Joel comes downstairs, with that "I dressed myself" look on his face. I blanch when I see the pants he's chosen: stonewashed high-waisted taper-leg jeans. Our church is NOT a jeans church, but regardless, these things would be frowned upon in any polite company:

So we sit down in church today and I'm holding Ed, who is super cuddly and adorable. He presses his face real close to mine and says "I love you mama."

I whisper back: "I love you too Eddie."

He whispers back: "I like you?"

Me: "Oh! Yes! Thank you! I like you too!"

He repeats: "I LIKE you?"

Me: "I'm happy you like me. I hope you like me!"

At which he opens his mouth real wide and proceeds to LICK the entire length of my face.


So a little later, Lucy has to go potty so I take her in there, and as she's sitting in the stall (with the door open, of course), she peers at me and asks about my skirt.

"What's that on your skirt?"

"Oh, it's a sash. Like a belt. It's just for decoration."

"When I get bigger I'm going to wear that skirt."

"Well, thanks. You have good taste in clothes."

(Pause; Lucy tilts her head)

"Except mommy, I think I'd wear a different shirt."

*Sigh* Shot down again.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I forgot to mention a couple things:

YES, Carol took all the photos. She rocks; I suck. She's smart, I'm stupid. She's good-looking, I'm... not attractive.

It didn't really hit me until Just Now that Lu and Ed dressed as the exact same things, respectively, two Halloweens in a row.
Last year, Ed let me draw whiskers on him. Not so this time!

I guess Lucy technically added the "fairy" to her princess costume this year. Details.
Yikes! Our old kitchen. Now there's something scary. :)
ALSO, when I was busy crabbing about being cold last Tuesday, I TOTALLY MISSED FREE WORLD SERIES TACOS!!!! DANG IT ALL!!!!
Also, I am kind of really excited to watch the election coverage on Tuesday.
Also, I do not understand how some people make a living as writers when they are obviously lazy, uncreative doofuses. I made a favorite recipe for dinner tonight, clipped out of a newspaper several years ago by my mama. The recipe is to die for, but the "article" was this gal's column about "how to make a favorite recipe more healthful!" And literally, she changed the Italian dressing to fat-free, and she changed the peanut-butter to reduced-fat, and she used low-sodium soy sauce. AND CALLED IT A COLUMN AND GOT PAID FOR IT. Give me a stinkin' break!!
And in the At Home section of the St Paul Pioneer Press, this Marcia or Martha Lyons does this "home makeover" thing that they publish almost every Saturday. I get sucked into reading it every week because it shows home floor plans that they change to make more updated and beautiful and user-friendly. But, like, seriously? Marcia apparently has an unlimited budget because they basically gut the entire joint every single week, adding on gigantic additions on every-which-side of every house. Um, yeah -- pretty sure I could also build a dream home out of a 1980s split-level, given $300,000 and no building constraints.
Joel made popcorn and dug a cream soda out of the basement for me, so I gots to go watch Iron Man! Toodles!

Halloween fun

Oh, did we ever have a great Halloween with the kids!
The night before All Hallows Eve, Ed was making worried faces and saying things like "I wake up, a be scary of pumpkins!" I think he was extra-stressed from spending his First Full Dry Day in Underpants (ROCK ON!). We managed to convince him that the pumpkins wouldn't hurt him. We carved pumpkins Thursday night -- Lucy drew her very own face, and I wielded the knife. No pix of that -- sorry.
Friday morning, I had my first rehearsal for Pirates! The Musical at Oakdale Elementary, so I hustled both kids through breakfast, into clothing (Lucy in a sheep costume, complete with black Mary Jane shoes she remembered to call "hooves" all day) and out the door and over to the Dalys' by 8:30 AM. As someone who typically doesn't roll out of bed until near 8 and can barely get herself contact-lensed and dressed by 10:00, I assure you this was quite an accomplishment.

Carol says the kids played marvellously together, hooray! and after a seriously delicious (maybe because I didn't have to cook it, though I maintain it was also Independently Delicious) taco lunch, we headed home for "quiet time" (WAY too excited for trick-or-treating to take naps). Joel's 'rents and Jean came over for our Second Annual Eat-Like-A-Pirate Halloween Turkey Drumstick Feast, during which Lucy made her final costume decision: fairy princess (whew!). Ed eschewed Spiderman/Superman and stuck with the lion costume he wore last year.

John and Donna and Joel and I took the kiddos outside where it was a balmy 50 degrees. We trucked up our block until we met up with the Daly and Mathews families, where much adorableness and kid-wrangling teamwork ensued.

Lucy and Josie immediately palled up... Will was less about the "trick-or-treat" and more about the "climbing-stairs!-and-sprinting-down-the-block!", Will and Eve had some adorable hand-holding moments, 3-month-old Keaton passed out, adorably, in his stroller, and Ed charmed the homeowners we visited by chirping things like "Trick or treat! Can I come in?" and "Merry Christmas!"
Everybody loves a sleeping dragon baby:

And I have to say, a grownup:kid ratio of 4:3 was about perfect for keeping a fairy princess, a black cat, a lion, a doggie, a bear, and a dragon in check. Now, one final pic of me repairing some damage one of the munchkins did. Blasted Republican toddlers.
Strangely enough, I am not even wearing a costume in this photo.