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Friday, September 29, 2006

...So I can end my time with you

We were talking about teen sexuality in class last night, when the instructor brought up the Meat Loaf song "Paradise By the Dashboard Light." Apparently there are people in this world (or at least in community college Psych class) who have not heard this song. I admit, it's dreadfully and inappropriately overplayed at weddings... and it's a little weird to imagine a now-59-year-old-Meat-Loaf singing it... but the fact remains that I DO know the song.

So the professor starts singing it. And then she insists that the rest of us join in. Well, the 20-year-olds in class mostly demur. But I sit next to this maybe-45-year-old biker chick, who's got spiky platinum-blonde hair and a nose ring, and I know that SHE knows the song. So me in my little business-casual twinset and pearls, along with spiky-biker-girl, join our voices in song with "..prayin' for the end of time, that's all that I can do, woo, WOO!!..."

It was a little embarrassing. But what the heck, life is too short not to sing along with Meat Loaf.

Anyway, my dad came up yesterday to hang out with the kids for a few days. He looked a little dazed by the time I got home at 9pm last night, but I'm sure he'll survive all day today.

Happy Friday, y'all. It's going to be a looong, slow day at work, so you should comment or email me or something.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Joel went golfing with his dad yesterday -- thanks to my p's for his Third-Favorite Birthday Gift Ever (the house we bought for his 27th, and the Lucy he got (a few weeks early) for his 30th are 1st- and 2nd-favorites, respectively, or at least they ought to be).

I subbed for Jean's mad-competitive co-rec softball team last night and, miraculously, made not a fool of myself. I caught one fly ball in the outfield (I always thought I liked left better but I'm getting quite comfy in right field) and got a few hits, including... (drum roll)... a triple! I think it helps that the mad-competetive people we play with have mad-expensive bats that hit mad-well. Afterward, we went to a bar to watch the end of the Twins game (that's two nights in a row for me, I'm such a swingin' socialite!).

We had an open house over the weekend and thought maybe we had an interested party, but they have not "brought their realtor" as promised. *shrug* Meanwhile, you would be appalled at the assortment of bags/shoes that has accumulated by our back door.

I think I have a new hangnail record -- hangnails on all 10 fingers! "Hangnail," in this case, being a euphemism for what's actually going on with my fingers. It's pretty bad.

The kids are great. Of course, I haven't seen them much in the last three days. Ed keeps us on our toes with his random pattern of sleeping through the night and then waking up three times a night. Hungry? Lonely? Cold? Nightmares? Who ever knows.

Convo with Lu this morning in the van on the way to Dee's.

Lucy: Go Dee's house?
Me: Yes, we're going to Dee's house.
Lucy: No picking. (She has this owie on her cheek that she picks incessantly. It's been bleeding on and off for a couple weeks. Hmm, why does this sound familiar?)
Me: That's right. Don't pick your face, and don't pull off your band-aid.
Lucy: No, man.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Baseball. Baseball. Baseball.

Repeat after me: Baseball. Baseball. Baseball.

I know, it's like 40 degrees out, and I know the leaves are falling off the trees. But we are in a PENNANT RACE, people, and if I have to hear one more word about the stinkin' Vikings or whatever other football team you care about, I am going to put my index finger right up to your lips and go "Sssssshhhhh. Shh shh sshhhhhhhh."

People like it when you do that, right, Jean?

Also, I was reading an article the other day about people having too many home-grown tomatoes and not being able to find anybody who will take them. Let it be known: I will take them! It's probably not even tomato season anymore. Whatever.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bleepin' blargin' rassafrass!

And Manny Tanner!

I have lost my cell phone. I fear it may be gone for good this time. Therefore, if I have not returned a call you've made since Sunday, you know why.

And if I NEVER call you back, it's because your number is IN MY CELL PHONE WHICH IS LOST.

Drats and double-drats.

Crazy Time!

Sorry, work was so busy yesterday I didn't get a chance to post stuff. So!

Joel's AWESOME Aunt Denise sent us a lovely package the other day under the pretense of a belated birthday present for Lucy. And there WAS an adorable and much-appreciated present for Lu, but there were also... FOUR brand-new fluffy red bath towels!! Sweet!!! Thank you SO much Aunt Denise and Uncle Charley.

In other Joel's-cool-family news, Joel's uncle Don was inducted into the Monticello HS Alumni Wall of Fame last night, honoring his service in the military. It was a very lovely little ceremony and it was good to see some of the extended family and meet some Monti people who knew Joel back in the day.

Pat Watson took some lovely pix of the kids the other day. Need a photog? Isn't he awesome?
(Edit: I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable posting pix of the kids here. Not to mention, I'm thinking of using some of these recent photos for Xmas cards and I don't want to spoil the surprise! If you would like to see a couple photos I can email them to you. If you are certain I have your email address, just let me know via comment/phone call/whatever; otherwise, click on my photo and then click on "Email" to email me. Thanks for understanding!)

Happy Birthday to Joel! I don't know if he wants me to tell you how old he is. I love you Beefy.

Our poor Realtor -- a whole week on the market and not a single showing. I truly feel for the guy.

Actual conversation with Lucy (some of you may have already heard this story):
We're in the car, driving home. Radio is on.
Lucy: Too loud!
Me: I'm sorry the radio is too loud, honey. I'll turn it down.
Lucy: No down. Turn it off!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My kids are the smartest children alive, blah blah blah.

Went to the doc yesterday for checkups. You want to feel like a superwoman? Take 2 kids in for checkups at once. Yow.

34" tall; 31.4#. She's a very average-sized 2-year-old. I am guessing at some point she will ask me to knock it off with the height and weight updates. Maybe now is a good time. :)

29.25" tall (still ridiculously long for his age; 99th percentile -- looking at the chart, there are some perfectly normal 15-month-olds who are the same height Ed is now. YIKES. But Joel says he was 5'10" in 4th grade, so there you go.); 19.25# (75th pct.).

Amazing that I can still lift them both at the same time.

My cell phone has gone missing, AGAIN. I had it at the in-laws' on Sunday afternoon, but I haven't seen it since. It's probably sitting in their driveway.

Had the open house on Sunday, and a whole three parties walked through. There's supposed to be a "realtor tour" this morning and another open on Sunday. It's funny to see the things our realtor changes when he's there. Hiding the soap... hiding the alarm clocks... I'm on the verge of canning the whole thing. I'm just not a model-home kind of gal.

It's getting chilly these days -- after Ed's midnight feeding last night, I put a little hat on his melon to try to keep him cozy. He kicks off his socks and loses his blankets thru the night, and with all the hardwood floors in the house now, it just feels COLD on the main level. Anyway, my point was, when JG checked on him this morning, Ed was fast asleep with his Nuk in his mouth and his hat pulled right over his eyes and the bridge of his nose. Super cute.

Lucy's still Lucy, which is just the way I like her. Sometimes when we suggest a nap, or bedtime, she responds very seriously with "No ni-night. My 'wake now."
She's also taken to calling me "Mom" sometimes. Did I mention that already? I don't know why it's so different from "Mommy" but it cracks me up. "Hi, Mom."

Oh! Lu now sings her ABCs ("ABCD song!" she calls it) all the way through. I'm sure she has no idea what it means, but it's very impressive-sounding, if I do say so myself.

I thought I had more to write about -- well, I'll let you know if I think of what it was. More raving about the miracles I've produced, I'm sure.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Teacher's Pet, I Wanna Be...

Had class last night -- we're in a section on genes and how they affect development. I had just read the chapter at lunch, so I felt pretty up-to-date on the material. In fact, I spent a lot of the class thinking "CRIPES, I could be giving this lecture, and making it a lot more interesting!"

At one point the prof completely lost track of what she was talking about. "Sex-related characteristics," she said, "I have that written down, but what does that mean?"

There was a long enough pause where it got uncomfortable. So I piped up.

"It means traits that are carried on the X chromosome, so you get them from your mother." Seriously, I was only trying to keep the lecture moving along.

"Wow, somebody did the reading," the prof said.

Embarrassed, I made a little show of ironically/dramatically pumping my fist in the "Yess!" gesture, as though my team had just made a triple play.

Which, I forgot to mention, Joel's one-pitch team did Wednesday night. I missed it, but I'm sure it was cool!

Which reminds me, How 'bout them Twins!!??! But oh boy do their radio announcers drive me bonkers. Cuddyer gets his 100th RBI, which is a Big Deal, and it took them like six minutes after it happened to tell us! And LNP gets a double with the score 2-1, to move our insurance run over to 3rd, and the call was so monotone you'd think it was June and we were ahead by about 40 runs. PEOPLE! We are in a Pennant Race! It's not possible to get too excited. Let's go!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Singin' to the Oldies

Hauled the kids along to Joel's softball games last night, where we met up with some of my book club gals and their babes as well. What a fun time! Despite the constant threat of getting beaned by foul balls, the kids jumped right in to playing together. There were seven kids aged 3 years to 2 months -- the older ones played on the jungle gym (well, except mine, who was content to sit in the rocks and sift through them) and chased each other around the pavilion (which Lu DID partake in). Us moms actually sort of got to talk to each other! It was great.

Lisa and I volunteered at the Roseville Presby Home yesterday at lunch. Usually we just push the wheelchairs to and from chapel, but this time Lisa and I led the singing. We did "Amazing Grace" and "For the Beauty of the Earth" and we skipped the third song because we were unfamiliar. We were a little rusty but it was very fun, and we apparently get to go do it again next week!

In other news... there is no other news. Looking forward to a lovely autumnal weekend.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We're On.

Our house is on the market. I still can't really believe it. (Link has been removed. If you would like to see the listing, please email me.)

There are a couple errors (i.e. the square footage) that will be corrected ASAP (I hope!).

Monday, September 11, 2006

This will be boring if you are not, like, a relative. And maybe even if you are. Sorry.

Realtor cancelled/changed not one, but two appointments this weekend. Yaarrrr.

He and his realtor-buddy came over late Saturday morning to hang up pictures and move furniture just-so. They blew lots of smoke up our be-hinds about how "adorable" the house is -- blah, blah, blah. The house is now devoid of any sign that actual humans live there. Honestly, it looks great!

It rained miserably all day Sunday, so JG and I dropped Lu off at Jean's house for naptime and took Eddie to nine (count 'em!) open houses. Oof.
#1: Very nice, but wayy too cramped for space.
#2: A disaster -- destroyed hardwood floors, unfinished cabinets in the kitchen, cat urine upstairs, totally gross and priced ridiculously high
#3: I didn't actually go in this one (Ed needed to eat). Similar to #1.
#4: Actually loved this one. Not GOBS of space, but well-laid-out and a nice yard.
#5: A little spendy, but TONS of space.
#6: Nice, but a little cramped -- and so cluttered it was really hard to tell what the potential was.
#7: Cute, but way too much like our current home.
#8: Bizarre doll-house -- the 1/2 story upstairs had seriously a 5'5" ceiling. And the basement felt like it was going to cave in at any moment.
#9: Kind of nice, but a little too chopped-up space on the main level. Teeny yard.

I can't believe I remembered all that! Wow. Jamie came over to babysit in the evening so JG and I could go out but we were thwarted once again -- this time by me being so exhausted and frustrated from the last couple weeks that I couldn't stop crying. Arrgh.

Our photos got rain-delayed. With luck, we'll be able to reschedule soon.

In kid news: MAN are our kids neat. Ed slept great the last two nights -- he's (finally!) learned how to sleep on his tummy, and we even found him with his bottom up in the air (a-la-Lucy) on Sunday morning. He's also just starting to get up on all fours and "rock." I don't remember Lu doing this, but it's hilarious.

Lucy herself is just awesome. She sings along with her crazy Karaoke machine, and she serves us tea, pizza, and lettuce from her little kitchen. She continues to be gentle and loving with Ed... and to exert her will upon us at every available opportunity.

She likes to go down stairs by herself now. If I even make the slightest motion to help her, I get "MY do it, Mommy." Or, occasionally, "Mom," which sounds so serious and makes me giggle. Oh, so she gets to the bottom of the stairs, and the railing runs out, so she grabs the wall to get to the bottom step, and then reaches for the railing again, which is now out of reach, so she goes back UP a step to grab the railing, and then tries to get back to the bottom step... I can see she's confounded. Like, "I know I have to use the railing. So I go up to get it, but then the bottom of the stairs gets farther away!"

Joel took her to Menard's over the weekend and she was a little scared by the Halloween display, and told me so when she got home.

Oh! I'm sorry, one more thing she's into now: "Hide!" She gets all excited and runs around the house, yelling, "Hide, hide!" And then she pulls a blanket (or a curtain, or my shoe) over her face and stands there waiting for you to find her.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Made it through the weekend. Barely.

This is not my finest writing. Really, I just wanted this weekend documented somewhere.

Realtor came over on Friday night to drop off some paperwork and go over the "Competitive Market Analysis" which will determine the price of our house. He brought spaghetti, we ate in the gazebo, and he convinced us to paint our 1/2 story upstairs. And the kitchen cabinets.

Saturday morning: made two trips to Menard's before 11AM. Jean saved the day by stopping by Hirshfields for us and by spending the Entire Day helping us paint and watch the kids in rotation. We painted the kitchen and my folks arrived at noonish, bearing Subway (mmmm, perfect timing).

My memory of Saturday afternoon fails me. Alas! Saturday night, I made cupcakes and prepped egg bakes for Lucy's party on Sunday. I think we may have started priming the upstairs walls on Saturday night.

Sunday: Joel's p's arrived at 8AM and then met my family at Jan's to help them move her belongings into storage. Everybody came to our house around noon for Lucy's bruncheon party -- which went swimmingly. Papa and Gramma G and Grampa & Gramma Books (we are at a loss for nicknames here) were there, as were Jean and my Uncle Bill, and Grandma Jake. Ed slept through the whole thing, which was probably good because there wasn't any extra room in the gazebo for his high chair! Lucy was a total doll and received an embarrassment of riches in birthday gifts. She spent the rest of the day playing as though she's been waiting two years for some decent toys.

Everybody except Donna and the kids and I made another trip to Jan's to unload things. Donna did all the dishes and watched the kids while I finished some laundry and tried to put away some of the bday gifts.

Sunday night: Joel and I really tried to finish the kitchen cabinets but we were so tired I ended up goofing them up.

Monday: Joel went to his fantasy football draft, and the kids and I hung out at home. We tried to hang some of the kitchen cabinets and then we all took much-needed afternoon naps (except maybe Joel). The Dalys stopped by in the afternoon, and I don't recall much except that Carol's hair looked really cute. In the evening we decluttered much of the upstairs as well as Eddie's room; after the babes retired, Joel and I finished priming the upstairs.

I am covered in paint and am, surprisingly, neither tired nor divorced today.

Fun conversation from the weekend, repeated several times:
Jean/Me/Joel/Anybody: Lucy, how old are you?
Lucy: Cakecups!
J/M/J/A: No, honey, two! You're two!
Lucy: No. Four!

Oh! And something else. Joel and Lu were watching Nemo the other day. Guess what Marlin (the daddy clownfish) says to Nemo? You guessed it:

Friday, September 01, 2006


Dearest Lucy:

My darling baby girl, you are going to be two years old tomorrow! I feel terrible that I have not properly prepared you for your birthday -- I forget that you don't comprehend things like that yet. I often forget that you're still so little. You do understand so much, and it's so fun talking with you now. The other day you told me "I'm going to take a bath now." Do you know how awesome that is, that you can say that? Do you have any idea how much my heart melts every time you say "Mommy"?

You're the big sister now, and you are so perfect for that role. You're so assertive and yet so gentle. Daddy and I love how you cup Ed's little chin in your hands and kiss him. We love how focused you can be (like selecting rocks to pick up), and we love watching your thoughtfulness when working through a problem (like whether or not to let me cut your toenails).

I adore you and look forward to growing and learning and building our relationship together. Happy Birthday Baby.


Sweet Eddie:

You are the easiest-going little guy -- you have made life so wonderful for us the past 6 months. You're sensitive, loving, and eager-to-please, and it's amazing how much we can tell about you already. Yup, we sure we have you pegged -- so don't go proving us wrong!

You, too, are getting so big, so fast. We had to move the seat of your "office" up not one, but two notches the other day. But you're still such a little guy. Last night you were fussy around 10pm, and I swear it wasn't that you were very hungry; you just wanted to nurse a little. I'm so happy we could share that time together. Of course, you were fussy again at 3AM, and then again at 5, and you could cut all that out any time.

I am so excited to continue to get to know you, and I am so filled with joy that you are a part of our family.

The Milk Truck

Dear Joel:

You're not so bad yourself.