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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday morning blues

The "I" key is totally broken on my laptop, so this will be an interesting experiment. Oh look! Apparently I can just press the little button underneath. I don't hardly miss it!

Well I just can't figure out this crazy weather. It's 90 degrees with blinding sunshine for a full week, and now it's overcast and about 55 at 8:30 AM. I really admire Minnesotans who choose to put a permanent pool in their backyards -- those are just the kind of glass-is-half-full eternal optimists that this world probably needs more of.

Took Ed in for his 3-month checkup and he is most assuredly a three-year-old boy. He got a giant kick out of the hearing test -- "I hear it mommy! I hear it!"

Lucy is my resident grumpy stick-in-the-mud -- I made plans today to take the kids to the Minnesota Zoo: the expensive, nice, far-away zoo in the area. Lucy, upon hearing of these plans, made a face and said she didn't want to go. Well, I'm not going to twist her arm and drag her across the metro against her will. She wants to stay home so we can get the free lunch that the playground down the street serves every weekday. That girl is one cheap date.

Last Saturday, Joel and Jean and Cameron and the rest of the girls from our coed softball team all competed in the Tri-Loppet in Minneapolis: 11k canoe, 5k trail run, 15k mountain bike. It was HARD and kinda miserable, and it really illustrated for me what dreadful shape I am in. OK don't get me wrong: the literal shape of me is fine, but all my lovely muscles have converted into mooshy flesh and bone and I hate it. After watching "So You Think You Can Dance" last Wednesday, I made a new-year resolution (it was my birthday, so it's a new year for me!) to exercise more regularly. Jean and I went for a run last night along the river and it was really perfect. Running really isn't my thing, but I can do 30 minutes every now and then.ooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

OK I think I got the I key fixed. Gotta get moving on laundry and maybe organizing the kids' toys (again). Why is that such a nightmare?!?! I go to other people's houses and their kids' toys all seem to have places to be... not here! There's junk everywhere, nothing has all the pieces it came with, and nothing gets put away when it's done being played with.

Our neighbors' Hummer got towed at 11PM last night, which leaves soooo many unanswered questions: why in the middle of the night? Why were 3 cop cars necessary? What's the DEAL with that family? Why would anyone in this neighborhood even OWN a Hummer?? Their dog barked at me for the solid 20 minutes I spent weeding my garden yesterday afternoon, and I could hear people in the house talking, so I'm SURE they could hear their poor dog freaking out at me. Too bizarre.

I know I promised you a Seattle/Rolling Meadows recap, but I don't think anybody really cares, and I posted lots of pics on Facebook anyway. I've got to hit some laundry and dishes. Ciao!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mama why is tomorrow only a day away?

Something about our yard must make it look like an inviting place to take a stroll.

Once a year or so, I spy a random person walking from our street straight back through our yard toward the alley. They always stay on the sidewalk, and they typically walk with purpose. I think many of our neighbors have fences that make such cut-throughs impossible; also, we're on part of a big hill and I can see how cutting through our property can lop off a big downhill followed by a steep climb, if one were traveling a certain path.

So just now, as I sit at my computer looking out at the verdant jungle that is my backyard, I watched a gal walking up toward our garage. When she reached the alley she turned left and disappeared behind our garage, only to materialize moments later walking to the right. I then watched her stop, turn, and start to sprint back toward the left. The second she vanished (again) behind out garage, I saw a gigantic white truck ZOOMING toward her down the alley.

I never heard a crash or a scream so I assume she made it. If it had been a cartoon the timing would have been mildly amusing, and in real life it was just-- sorta-- interesting to watch.

Whatever, I gotta go pick some rhubarb. Anybody want any??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home sweet Hades

OK so life with a deck is pretty good! The kids and I have breakfasted out there both mornings we've been home, and I LOVE sipping coffee in the fresh air. I also like the built-in clock that is the sun rising over the neighbors' tree. When the rays hit Ed's eyes, it's time to pack up the cereal and tuck back into the house for the most-but-not-every-morning ritual of getting dressed and brushing teeth.

My guess is my kids can sense a thunderstorm, because they have been On Edge the last day or so and now we're amid a lovely late-spring shower and they are ripping each other's hair out, screaming, while I silently stare at the clouds, willing them to part and dry the grass so I can kick the kids out and bang my head on the floor in peace and quiet.

Fate has not been on the side of me getting my Seattle/Chicago pics up -- the camera is, as I type, in the glove box of the van, which is merrily parked in the garage which is, unfortunately, across the yard from my house. Last week Lucy drew a picture of our house, and then she smiled at me as she added a box on the side. "You know what this is attached to the house Mommy?" she says, "It's what you've always wanted... a garage!!" Indeed, my kingdom for an attached garage. Though as I told Carol yesterday, I'd totally settle for a bathroom on the same level as my bedroom.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Progress through participation

I'm still in Rolling Meadows, posting from my parents' desktop that is starting to sound like it's going to self-destruct any second. Maybe look for new pics on Sunday or Monday, and notes from our adventures. In the meantime...

We were sitting at dinner, eating chicken fingers and zucchini-fries (SUPER yummy, BTW) and reliving funny moments with the kids. My dad mentions that while I was in Seattle, he took the kids into the yard to splash in the kiddie pool, and before he knew it Lucy had stripped down to her birthday suit and was running around in her me-oh-my.

Lucy, listening, shakes her head, smiling like a much-older person, and mutters "What will the neighbors think?"

OK OK and Eddie the other morning crawled into his chair at breakfast and declared "I'm a VERY busy woman!"

And if only I could capture the inflection in Ed's voice when he calls "Graaaaam-paw..." Sooo funny.

Joel and Jean will be joining us at my folks' tomorrow, and we'll be at the Twins/Cubs game Friday afternoon! I'm afraid I missed my peonies blooming this year, which makes me very sad. Joel promises there's "stuff" growing in the garden but I am skeptical and trying desperately to keep my curiosity at bay, until we get back.

My folks are rock-stars for putting up with me and these crazy kids.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Posting from Rolling Meadows

Joel and I had a fabulous trip to Seattle -- it's really a fantastic city.

Pix and full synopsis to follow (I didn't bring the camera cord and I don't think my folks' computer has the right software, anyway).

Anyway, so now I'm in Chicagoland for the next 10 days, without much in the way of plans. Nice way to start the summer...