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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I actually do happen to believe in coincidences.

Sooo... apparently on The Sopranos there was a horse named Pie Oh My that was killed by a guy named Joey Pants. John Shabe from Joysey was kind enough to bring this to my attention, and now he has an enormous picture of my head on his blog. How super weird is that? (the coincidence, I mean, not my head)? The guy refers to searching the "Internets" so I figure he must be relatively cool. Even if he did say I look like a mom. ;) (As I'm sure my mom is thinking: guess what, Meg, you ARE a mom.)

My swing dance class last night went splendidly. I have about 8 couples (I think there are actually maybe 9, but one didn't show up) and they all at least sort of know each other (they all live in the same building), which is a very cool dynamic to teach.

I have not started running yet, but Jean is on my tail and we're going to be able to run together at least a couple days a week, it seems. I do need to invest in a new pair of running shoes and a comfortable watch, if I'm going to make this work.

I'm hoping to have something to post soon that is more than just the mundanities of my day-to-day. Like, um, gee, anything other than "We went to the Children's Museum this morning and now the kids are napping." I'm workin' on it. :)


Shabe said...

you look like a mom inasmuch as looking at what you write about in your blog shows you are a mom. you don't look like a mom.

Meg said...

Oh! I know. I was just trying to be funny. And failing miserably. I forget, we've never met. I'm always like this. :)

John Gilligan said...

If you're interested I have a coupon for marathon sports. If I bring someone in that is not on their mailing list we both get 30% off. They have a great running shoe selection and they have a tredmill to try the shoes on.


Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

So, shabe, just what does a mom look like? Meg looks like a lotta moms I know. I even looked that good, sorta, about 30 years ago.

Rebecca said...

meg-I like the mundanities of your everyday life and the fact that you use big words that no one else in america uses! :)

interested in any 5K run/walks? I know they are a drop in the bucket for you guys, but you could do the 10K runs while my butt and I do the 5 K.... (There's one in Stillwater in at Hennepin Lake in August...)