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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A couple books... too much toothpaste.

Lucy always asks for "a couple books" before she goes to bed. Does she mean "two"? No. She means, approximately, twelve.

Also, if she ever says to you "I want too much!" that is because when she's putting toothpaste on her toothbrush, I always tell her "Not too much!" To the point that now when I hand her the toothpaste she says "I want too much."

So! Here we have: a couple photos from last weekend. Too much photos. ;)


Teresa Ulrich said...

Aw, thanks!!! :)

Molly Gorski said...

Love the pics! The kids are getting so big. Will we see you on Saturday for Nana's birthday? Molly

Meg said...

Ohhh, Mol, no, we're not going to make it in this weekend. I'm so sorry. We have a lot of traveling in the next month... we were just in Milwaukee last weekend and we'll be in Chi-town the last 2 weekends in May. Rats! I feel bad now. I would love to see everyone in person and catch up and I hope we can do that at the picnic? We'll be there for sure!