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Sunday, April 15, 2007


I know the only reason you're checking my blog is to hear about my latest excuse for not running. Well, today I have a good one!

Saturday morning I went to give blood. I gave blood, then got up (slowly!) and walked over to the cantina area (where they have all the juice and sugary snacks). I started getting a little light-headed on the way over to the chair in the cantina. I remember sitting down, and then next thing I know I felt like I was waking up, and all these strange faces were looking at me.

You know sometimes how you wake up and forget where you are? This was sort of like that, only multiplied by 50. I could not for the life of me figure out where I was. And who were all these people looking at me? I assumed I must have stumbled into somebody else's dream, so I decided just to go back to sleep.

Except the people were really insistent that I shouldn't go back to sleep. Apparently I'd passed out and hit the floor with first my shoulder and then my forehead. They iced my forehead and my neck, and made me lay with my feet up (the Trendelenburg position), and made me breathe into a paper bag. Ugh. Anyway, Jean came to get me and I went home and kept icing and took a nice nap, kind of all afternoon. I feel like a total idiot and I have a bit of a goose egg on my forehead and I feel a little shell-shocked from learning that I am not invincible, after all... but otherwise I'm fine. I guess. I'm real reluctant to start running now, of course. I decided to do this run, what, three weeks ago? Then we were socked with two weeks of bad weather, then I go and get owie blisters and shin-splints, and now I've gone and busted my head. As much as I really thought this was something I ought to do, now I am seriously questioning the wisdom of attempting it. Argh.

Though the staff at the Red Cross were very nice, I thought they failed me in a couple ways:
1. The did a terrible job explaning things to me: like, how I was supposed to breathe into the bag, and why exactly I fainted in the first place.
2. It was obvious that they were far more concerned about me coming back to give blood again, than about my actual well-being. They kept saying things like "You didn't pass out just because you gave blood" and they would correct each other when one person would say "Oh, we pull the screen out all the time when people pass out" and then another would give the first person a look and say "Not that people pass out all that much, sometimes we just need to give people some privacy".

So! Here's my call-out to you. I give blood because there is a need. Someday I, or someone I love, may need some blood, and I want there to be enough to go around. I feel good about myself after I donate. I plan to give blood again. I want you to seriously consider donating blood. If nothing else, maybe if you give, the Red Cross people will get the heck off my back for a while. Especially if you're type B pos. So, do it for Meg's forehead! Donate blood today!

More Musicals!
Went to see Pippin at the Monti High School on Saturday night. I thought I just liked the show for sentimental reasons, since we did it when I was a soph in HS, but it turns out I really like that show. Mr. Stephen Schwartz, I apologize for all the mean things I said about you in the past. The Monticello production was just terrific, for a high school production. I loved some of the creative choices they made. The gals playing Berthe and Fastrada were exceptional, and some of the individual chorus members really shone as well. So fun!

Alison asked what my favorite musical of all time is. I could never, ever choose. Les Miz and Mis Saigon are maybe the most emotionally wrenching. Wicked has a very special place in my heart. So does Pippin, but for totally different reasons. Joseph... was, for me, the most fun to be in. And I don't even own the soundtracks for Jesus Christ Superstar, The Sound of Music, Cabaret, and dozens of other shows I dearly love.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Ohhh, Nippip! That *is* a good show. You know, I think I still have the recordings I made when we did it in high school? Or rather, when YOU did it in high school. I still sing "Corner of the Sky" now and then in the shower. Good song. :)

Jesus Christ Superstar was here a few years ago, and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. The production was just amazing, and it really is a great show. (Remember watching the movie during our Turnaround movie marathon night sophomore year? Or was it junior year, I can't remember.)


peggles said...

i did a very similar thing one of the last times i gave blood, except i went to the bathroom and then felt lightheaded and the last thing i remember was sitting on the toilet, pants down, going pee and i grabbed the emergency call light string and down i went to the floor. pants down and all. and people came running. how embarassing. they made me sit there for an hour eating and drinking and made my mom come and get me. it did take me a while to donate again, but i did. however, the reason i passed out (i think) was 1. i did not eat the morning i went to donate and 2. i was right on the border of their minimum weight and i think i was just too light. oh, and i'm AB positive.

Anonymous said...

Meg ~ I totally agree with you about donating blood. I go every chance I can. If it were not for people donating blood, I would not have my son Jimmy today. He survived his surgeries because of donated blood. Thank you from Jimmy and all parents like me! To everyone else, GO DONATE TODAY! Molly

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I'm a dork; I forgot to comment on the whole blood donation thing. How awful for you, I'm so sorry!! Once I'm done with pregnancies, I'll be back to donating again. Did you hear they've found a way to convert all blood donations to the O type, the universal donor? How cool is that??


Lisa Anderson said...

I remember one of the last times you passed out giving blood. Hmmmm. It is becoming a trend for you. However, I must commend you on your perseverance. Now I am feeling a little guilty because I haven't gone in a while. I will have to make an appointment today.

CarolSue said...

You didn't go to the Red Cross exclaiming vehemently that "Meg Ryan never passes out!" did you? I seem to recall a similiar situation, although the details are a little blurry, oh - about 12 years ago... :)

bridget said...

I too have had horrible experiences with passing out and feeling miserable after giving blood, but I finally went back a few weeks ago and the experience was not so bad. At first I almost chickened out since it was taking so long for them to call my name, but in the end I am glad I did it.

I am enjoying your list of musicals. Megan is a huge fan of the Wicked and Chicago soundtracks and requests them often in the car!

I am amazed that you would take on such a lofty running goal for your first adventure back. I am sticking with my 5ks.

Amy said...

Meg, I personally am very grateful that people like you give blood. It's because of frequent donors like you that my dad was able to receive the platelets and blood he did when he needs it. I am unable to donate due to my diabetes. So...thanks a million!!!! Amy