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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Still here

Well yesterday I had regular contrax all morning, like 5-8 minutes apart... only to be thwarted by lunch and the nice walk I took afterward. It's, like, all the things that are supposed to START labor are actually STOPPING it for me. Bah.

We think Lu caught something like the roto-virus or whatever (can someone with some medical knowledge PLEASE tell Joel that it's not named "roto-virus" simply because it has the same "cleaning out effect" as Roto-Rooter... please??) Oh, wait, I just googled it and it's more like "rotavirus." Well anyway, apart from some nasty diapers at Dee's yesterday and her vomiting on Saturday and her lack of appetite on Sunday... she seemed totally fine this morning. SuperGramps flew up this AM to take care of her, since I didn't feel good about taking her to day care if she's still contagious... what on earth would we do without my dad? Seriously. Though as I mentioned Lu appears to be totally fine today.

OK, back to me: I am getting the impression that *something* is stopping or impeding my labor. Now, I'm not sure if Gus just isn't ready to join us, or if it's something psychological with me, or something physical that just puts a stop on it whenever it starts to get going... but I am feeling strongly that I am going to have to be induced. I would like to try to wait it out as long as possible (as long as Gus is still doing OK in there, and as long as I am not miserable).

OK I better post this, apparently some of you have started to harass Michelle Crandall. :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Due date plus four days

Things to be thankful for

Joel. Sweet, kind, patient Joel. Who walked all around Maplewood Mall with me and Lucy for a couple hours Sunday morning, to keep my mind off the fact that I'm not in labor. Who sent me off to see "Grease" at a local community theatre, to keep my mind off the fact that I'm not in labor. Who bought me curried chicken to try to bring on labor. Who chased Lucy around much of the weekend so I could rest. Who now puts my socks on for me every morning with, well, it's not exactly a smile but it is certainly Enthusiasm.

Gus, who is apparently doing fine in there, even if (s)he seems to be settling in for the long haul. And who is, as I type, trying to stick a foot out through my belly button. This kid has Joel's sense of direction, poor misguided thing.

Lucy, who pulled through a weird but fortunately acute bout of vomiting early Sunday morning. And remains the cutest little thing in shoe leather.

Gus NOT being born this weekend, thereby avoiding becoming a reincarnation of Don Knotts. Dodged a bullet on that one, I tell you what.

So, it's Monday, and I'm back at work. Stupid Circuit City still doesn't have my laptop ready, dang fools. I think I'm ready to have this baby now, really. Oh, if you're interested, here are the Gory Details (not too gory though): contractions all weekend but only regular for a few hours at a time, and never closer than 7-8 minutes. Not strong enough to keep me up at night... so we're just kind of in a holding pattern. I'll report again tomorrow (Tuesday) but will prolly not have news until after my doc appt on Wednesday). Thanks everyone for all the kind words and check-in-phone calls.

Friday, February 24, 2006

40 weeks plus one day checkup

Just got back from the doc. Everything's fine... I guess... I think what I was hoping for was for the doc to say "Omigosh! You're dilated to eight! Let's get you over to St. John's pronto!" and when all she actually said was "You should go into labor," well, that just didn't make me feel too good.
Anyway, I have an appointment next Wednesday (3/1) and they'll schedule an induction after that, if nothing is still happening.
That's it!

Happy Due Date Plus One to Me!

Yup, I'm still here. Doc appt at noon -- I promise to check in afterward. Thanks everyone for the phone calls and kind thoughts/words... I owe some of you an email or callback and if I get caught up today I will try to reach you.

Oh, I bought a digital camera and a laptop yesterday. Fun! Now I have literally 12 rebate forms to fill out. Oh, hey, if you personally have an opinion on whether or not I shoud buy an extended warranty from Circuit City on the laptop, PLEASE SPEAK NOW. Thank you!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Notes from Ellen

OK, I had to share. My sister Ellen emailed me this morning. I am still laughing.

How's the pregnancy going? Actually I'm pretty up to date cause I read your blog like I read Mark Trail. Religiously. Speaking of which there's talk of building a casino in Lost Forest! Horrors! Jean and I went to Alpine Valley yesterday and it was a blast! We tried snowboarding at first and boy, let me tell you. It is tougher than it looks. I actually felt like I was catching on, but we switcher to skiis for the big hills. A compete stranger called me Bode Miller. Was it because of my superior skiing? My disapointing Olympic performance? No. It was after I crashed through a fence at the bottom of the hill meant to prevent people from ending up in a river. Not only did I go through the fence, but I took the whole thing down with me. This was just one of the falls that resulted in Jeans wet pants and an injury that prompted my mother to say, "Why Ellen. It looks like you have 3 buttcheeks."

Happy Due Date to Me!

Check it out, it's my due date. Gotta go work now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday Check-in

Hi there!
Remember yesterday I said, in the immortal words of Phil Collins, that I [could] feel it, coming in the air tonight? Oh Lord?
Well this morning I feel like I've regressed. Yup, I'm like a week and a half out now.

Gus is kicking kind of faintly this morning, as if to say, Mom, I'm still here but I'm feeling a little sluggish today -- sluggish. Like a wet sponge. (Gus is a fan of early '80s sophomoric humor.) And I think I'm just going to snuggle back up and take a nap. I'll see ya in a couple weeks.

JG, Lulu and Pat Daly and I attended a community meeting last night at the high school regarding a Level 3 sex offender who's moving into the neighborhood (about eight blocks from our house, 5 blocks from the Dalys). *sigh* It was very educational and informative. I'm glad they have these meetings... I'm sad they have to. I'm fired up to help improve my community... I know I won't be taking any actual positive action in that direction. I wonder if staying in the city and "improving the neighborhood by my presence" is:
a. enough
b. foolish
c. hopeless
d. lazy
...or some combination thereof.

Lucy and Joel didn't stick around for the meeting; it was close to bedtime and SOMEONE preferred to toddle around the auditorium calling "Mama!" (her new favorite word; YESS!) rather than sit and listen to police officers talk. P-Dids and I took notes, though, and if any of our neighbors reading this want more info or want to talk about it, you know where to find me.

Speaking of neighbors, our neighbors-to-the-west let us know that their son, born in November with two holes in his heart, has been home for about three weeks and is doing just fine. Thank goodness. Welcome to the neighborhood; we're so glad you're home!

Todd my cube-neighbor is updating me daily on the celebrities who have birthdays every day, ostensibly so I can see, should Gus get born today, who (s)he'll share his/her bday with. Today is Dr. J, Michael Chang, Vijay Singh, and Amy Alcott. I was impressed with the diversity of sports, ethnicities and religions represented in that group, and I said so, so I don't think I'll jinx Gus's future as a professional athlete by having him/her today.

P.S. It's George Washington's birthday too.

P.P.S. It's Wednesday, in February. Could there BE any worse words to spell? Gaah!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Doo doo doo doo. Doo doo doot doo doo.

Yes, (in case you didn't recognize it from the lyrics above,) it's The Final Countdown!

I'm 39.7143 weeks this morning. Thank you, thank you, it's good to be here. Er, wait, no... no, it's not. My hip sockets are killing me, I'm so huge I can't even wash my own knee-pits, and I seem to have badly pulled a muscle up in my rib cage. Not to mention, I'm starting to get the *teensiest* bit peevish. About Everything. Like, for example, if I ask you to put on my socks for me, I want it Now and I want it Cheerful and Enthusiastic.

Gus is still moving around a lot, whicn is so reassuring at this stage. Oh! And we may have a new girl name (if you haven't had it run by you yet, then you just might have to wait until she's born! Thanks Nikki for the idea).

We got a couple more things done this weekend, and I think I finally feel ready. Really. Honest. I do. My folks flew in for a visit on Saturday and it was wonderful to see them. My aunt and my p's found a place for my grandma to live up here, too, and she's moving up from Florida sometime in the next two months.

Had a *couple* contractions last night (nothing to write home about, though technically by blogging them I suppose I just did!). I think it will be sometime in the next week... but maybe that's wishful thinking. We'll see...

Friday, February 17, 2006

One week more!

Or, you know, two or three. Gained another, like, half a pound. BP and baby's heartbeat were both good (no specifics, sorry). I might be dilated "almost to one" -- hmm, doesn't that sound familiar?

Anyway, I still feel great -- looking forward to this three-day weekend WOO HOO! My folks are coming up on Saturday, too -- it will be good to hang out with them without any "event" planned.

It is SO COLD outside today. Bundle up!

Oh! Stupid story: so I had to buy milk last night, so I went to Jimmy's and got two gallons of skim and one whole, and I heave them up onto the counter, and Jimmy is like, well, it looks like you're all set for the weekend and I'm like, yup, we're just going to sit around all weekend drinking milk and he's like, well, you're prepared then and I'm like, yup, it's going to be some party and it was a dumb conversation but it made me laugh.

Oh! And I got a haircut last night and the gal flat-ironed my hair which I hated for about 14 hours but it's starting to grow on me and now I'm actually thinking of buying a flat-iron. Leave it to me. I started using a blow-dryer on my hair about 2 weeks before Lu was born. Why am I becoming *more* high maintenance in my old age?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Johnny Weir, you're not fooling anyone.

Yesterday, I actually had someone ask if I was pregnant.

I mean, really.

Had a lovely V-day at home with JG and LD -- we got gyros from Pappy's for the first time (delicious), and Joel brought me some tulips and cookies. Lucy was an absolute sweetheart last night, eating her dinner and playing "ring around the rosie" with us until bedtime.

Last night's repeatisms: "ball," "baby," "cookie," and, I forgot our new favorite:

"Lucy, it's bedtime, what do you say?"


Eeeee! So fun.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hubbies say the darndest things

Joel's been reading the pregnancy websites. He's so cute. As you may know (that is, if YOU'VE been reading the pregnancy websites), toward the end, the baby "drops" -- basically the head of the baby (eventually followed by the rest of the baby) moves down, into the mom's hipbone. This is called "engagement," or, more euphemistically, "lightening."

So anyway, last night Joel's trying to sound smart and goes, "How's Gus?"

"Good," I say (or something like that), "I'm feeling lots of pressure downward."

"Oh!" He says, clearly excited that he recognizes the symptom, "Are you feeling enlightened?"

:) :) :)

Yup. Om.

Blessed are the shirts of Joel, for they shall inherit my girth

I have finally eschewed my maternity shirts and moved into Joel's closet. (Even though it's dark in there and hard to get to the light switch.) No, seriously, my tum sticks out so far that those cute "maternity shirts" are leaving about 4 inches of bare skin before you get to my pants. Which is fine if I'm hanging out exclusively with tall people. But since I frequently have to walk in to coworkers' cubes while they are seated, I'd rather spare them my stretch marks.

Monday, February 13, 2006

38-week report

Hi again. Went to the doc for my 38-week checkup, and truly there is nothing to report. Blood pressure is "beautiful" (110/60-something, I think?). I gained another 4 pounds. Baby's heartbeat is good, and I'm not dilated any more than I was 2 weeks ago. I'm still feeling relatively great (found another v. good pillow configuration, so I'm sleeping well too), so I'm ready for the long haul these last few weeks here.

Still haven't hung up the pictures in Lucy's or Gus's rooms -- if you live in the Twin Cities and have a good sense of where to hang things, PLEASE come over (I will make food or something!) and tell me what to do. I would really appreciate it. If you and I happen to be friends or family, all the better, as it would probably be good to see you. Though I make no promises. :)

Nine is a rhyme

Lucy spent the weekend repeating... everything.

"Lucy, look, a kitty! Meow!"


"Lucy, look, it's Josie!"


"Lucy, look, mommy's butt!"


No joke. It's the funnest ever. She even, sort of, repeated us counting:









Nine is her new favorite. Everything is nine. Of course, she's at least 1/3 German, so she probably means "nein" -- seeing as how "no" is her favorite word in English.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gus's Room! Gus's Room! Party Time! Excellent!

Ok, you have to picture these photos going around the room, clockwise. It's swell, clockwise.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Woes of a mid-February citrus craving

If you've been keeping up, I have been eating Clementine oranges like they've been going out of style for the last month. And, apparently, they HAVE been going out of style, or at least out of season, since the last box I bought was only about 60% good. And cost about $7.

So yesterday I thought I'd branch out and buy some tangerines. Or, I think they were tangerines. I'm going to have to check their little labels. Anyway, I tried the first one this morning, and... it's just not a Clementine. First of all, it's got these big honkin' seeds, like THREE in each slice. And the flavor is vaguely toothpastey at times. And there's more of that abhorrent white stuff than I generally like to deal with.

See, this is why I haven't made it a point to buy oranges or anything of their ilk before; it is just neverending heartbreak. Anticipation, followed by the inevitable letdown, not to mention seeds and scraps of white-stuff everywhere, plus really, really sticky hands.

So I've a dilemma. I might try navel oranges next, but I fret about the seeds (smaller and harder to pick out?) and the evil white-stuff (at least on the tangerines-or-whatever, it comes off easily; I have vague childhood recollections of orange slices with completely immovable white-stuff).

I can see how genetically-engineered "perfect fruit" could find a following.

Tank top, the sweetest thing.

My fab sister busted out her new digital camera last night and we went to town. Please note Joel in the background, trying to be funny with a ball under his shirt.

I am also working on getting some photos of Gus's room. Patience. :)

In the last couple days, I've had several random people (not that the people themselves have been random, but people I know from random areas of my life, i.e. cousins, ex-coworkers, and friends-of-friends) make a point to mention that they are reading this with some regularity. I wanted to say THANKS for reading, I really appreciate it. I am going to make an effort to keep posting regularly -- it's difficult with work and all, but it's so good to know that you guys enjoy it.

Oh! So get this (some of you know this backstory already), when I pulled out all my old maternity clothes AGAIN last August or Septemberish, I was boondoggled when I couldn't find my maternity jeans and two tank tops. I mean, seriously devastated. They were an awesome pair of jeans -- comfy & cute (as cute as maternity jeans get, if you know what I mean). And the tanks were so versatile... anyway, I threw a fit and was pretty sure I'd accidentally given them all to Goodwill. I have been beating myself up about this since September.

Flash forward to last Saturday, when Joel and I are emptying out the garage of all Lucy's baby stuff that is now getting a reincarnation. Eureka! The jeans. And tank tops. I nearly cried. Joel actually told me to calm down. I celebrated by spending $137 at Target, including $4.94 on a pair of clearance-rack gold flats TO WEAR WITH MY JEANS.

It's the little things. :)

P.S. I am so sorry to gloat about this, but I got another fabulous sleep last night. I know it will all go away soon so I am really appreciative, while it lasts.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm in love with a girl

So, maybe it's taken me longer than most moms, but I have fallen madly in love with Lucy. I can't explain it, but when I'm with her I just want to hold her and kiss her cheeks and play with her hair and rub my nose on hers. She's turned into such a little person in the last few months. It's awe-inspiring.

Though maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones, because I've become kind of extra-attached to a lot of things these days, i.e. clementine oranges (or tangerines? what ARE they?), ginger Altoids, the new lamp we got for Gus's room, Joel, and the writing of Augusten Burroughs.

Seriously, though, it's a really cute lamp.

I'm officially in end-stage pregnancy (or "morbidly pregnant," as I prefer)... my hip joints are definitely loosening up in preparation to pass a basketball, and I am having trouble getting comfortable pretty much ever. I tried sleeping Lucy-style last night, "butt up" on my knees with three pillows under my head and chest, and another one under my bottom-area. Not so good. In fact, I haven't the foggiest notion how Lu sleeps that way all night -- my feet fell asleep, for starters, and I felt like my femurs were going to dislocate from my pelvis. Yow.

My constant wakefulness also causes me to remember my dreams, which are increasingly weird. A couple nights ago Steve Martin and I were ballroom-dancing in Boston with a tidal wave about to hit... last night I was at the hospital talking to a mean doctor when my car was towed, and then my company was taken over by this super-"creative" agency where all the women had very short spiky red hair and horn-rimmed glasses and everyone was super-secretive about the work they did... which all took place on a grassy hillside.

Anyway. Got a LOT done this weekend in preparation for Gus's imminent arrival. Lucy spent the weekend with Papa and Grandma Gronau, to the mutual delight of all involved. Joel worked in the basement... we cleaned the house... I packed my hospital bag. And we realized that we are being DESERTED by our family... Gus is due 2/23, right? My sister Jean is going to London 2/23, my aunt Jan is going to China 2/24, and Joel's p's are going to DC on 2/28. We're going to have this baby and be very, very alone. Not that I begrudge anyone a midwinter getaway, but it just makes me a little nervous.