My online journal.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Do you prefer raining and 50 degrees, or 15 degress and sunshine? I can't decide.

Guess who fell down the stairs today? Not your likely first three guesses, I can tell you right now. Yup! Me. I slipped and bumpety-bumped on my back and bottom down about 3/4 of the stairs this morning. I tore a pea-sized chunk of skin off my hand, but I think I'm okay. In fact, if you like the feeling of having had a terrific workout but don't care for the sweat or for actually having to go through the exercising part, I highly recommend falling down the stairs. I ache like the dickens, mostly in the neck, back, and rear-end area. Especialy those butt-muscles, oooee, feel the burn!

After I hit the bottom, I just kind of sat on the bottom stairs, in shock at my own stupidity. Lucy (who had seen the whole thing) came right over to give me a big old hug. Love that gal. Last night we were all at JCP returning some of Joel's shirts (he forgot his size when he bought them originally) and Lucy's attention was enraptured by the escalator.

"What'zat, Mommy?"

"That's an escalator. Can you say 'escalator'?"


"Wow, great, honey! Good job! Now can you say 'existentialism'?"

"Eggs." (huge grin)

The saleslady folding pants behind us got a big kick out of that.

Ed is moving and shaking like, well, like he just learned how to move and shake. He's now pulling up to standing and we even took about 10 steps "toodling" (see Lucy, July-August 2005) today. Yesterday I was chopping veggies for dinner and heard Lucy say, very calmly, from the hallway: "Mommy, come here." I rounded the corner to find Lucy laying, head on a wadded-up blanket, straight across the sixth stair (which was funny in its own right)... and Eddie on the second stair, with clear designs on getting up to where Lucy was. Yow! So his motor skills are progressing.

We had an awesome playdate with Joel's aunt Doris and two of her girls this morning. Honestly, all it takes is one good playdate to make me feel like a living human again. The kids were all terrific (by which I mean "absolutely crazy") but Doris and I had good chats (well, as good as can be expected while chasing after four little ones) and really good coffee and oh MAN I just realized I only fed her half a sandwich for lunch. I'm a dreadful hostess. I'm sure she's starving. I'm an idiot.

I'll try to post more often -- as you can tell, anything that involves brainpower is sooo not my forte right now.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

...and so is ALL the meat!

My dear sister Jean is planning to train for the 2007 Twin Cities Marathon next fall. As preparation, motivation, and affirmation for her efforts, she has set up a blog to report on her quest. Click here to check the sucker out. Okay, okay, so I wrote the first post for her. And she hasn't actually started her training regiment yet, so I can't vouch for the frequency of her updates...yet!

P.S. Both 'Moulin Rouge' AND some special on the behind-the-scenes of 'American Idol' are on TV right now. How is a girl to decide?!?!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey, what?

That last post I wrote, that says "Monday"? Did it seriously not show up until today? Sometimes I do not think Blogger is my friend.

It's 3:23 and I am NOT going to be the one to wake up my children. You cannot make me. I am going to sit here on my comfy couch and think about making chicken chili, but am I going to start? No! I am goingto sit here and enjoy sitting here. And write a little. I do love to write a little.

I was checking my own blog from when Lucy was Eddie's age now (did I say that right? ...when Lucy... was the age that Eddie is now. Yes, that's what I meant) and it's hilarious! And educational! Admittedly, it was about the time I was getting pregnant with Ed, so there's all that hilarity thrown in. But it's amazing ot see what I thought about having one. Like, apparently tears were actually shed when Lucy started to crawl! I am not sure anyone even blinked when Ed started crawling. Sorry, second baby... know that you are no less loved and no less miraculous than your sister. There simply isn't time nor energy for dramatics, but you are just as wonderful as she.

She, by the way, is a laugh a minute. She's been commanding me to draw for her pictures of houses and cars for the last couple of days. I'm decent with a pen, and I finally figured out that "houses" could include tepees (houses for certain Native Americans!) and beehives (houses for bees!) in addition to standard colonials, ramblers, and split-levels. But cars? I ran out real quick. I can do a truck, and a Beetle, and a sedan that really looks more like a UFO on wheels, but that's about it. Cars are hard! All those windows, and wheels, and sculpted fiberglass. Oy.

Ed is amazingly mobile: low-army-crawling, still, but often breaking into a steadily-stronger real-crawl too. He's pulling himself up on everywhich thing, and is much more fascinated by electrical cords, floor lamps, and sharp corners than Lu ever was. "A boy!" you say, and you would be right. When he catches up to this little red football we have, he hoists it into the air with a triumphant look on his little face. The less-fun news: he is not sleeping well these days, waking up in a fit about twice a night.

I'm hosting book club tonight, so I should probably try to pick up some of the food remnants from lunch, and maybe try to get myself a little organized. Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I don't want to talk about it.

Joel and Jean and the kids and I drove to Chicago on Friday. The normal 5.5-6 hour trip took TEN (10) hours. Blizzard. Wanted to rip my eyeballs out. Actually it could have been worse in so many ways -- the kids were relative angels; Jean helped out by entertaining Lucy and changing diapers as needed; we had food and plenty of gas and we were not in the ditch, unlike many others.

The reason for the trip was my cousin Dan's wedding to Holly. They are an adorable couple. (Dan is Bridget and Kate's brother.) The wedding was very fun; we danced lots (especially Joel, to my great delight!). Thanks to my parents' friends Mrs. Strass and Mrs. Weimhoff for babysitting!

We also had tickets to The Pirate Queen in Chicago. The show is... not great. The show itself, including the music and lyrics, needs some reworking before it goes to Broadway, and many of the acting/directing choices were questionable. But the dancing! I could watch Irish dancing all week and into the next and never get tired of it. The singing was incredible too. I just lovelovelove live theatre.

So, it's back to the grind. Lucy's going to be part of a U of M research study on temper tantrums. Ed had a rough weekend, not sleeping much at night and awakening very unhappy. Joel and I are trying to u..n..w..i..n..d... after the long weekend. 'Zat's it!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cutting to the chase

Okay, so the entire last post was just a lead-in for what I was going to actually write. Obviously, my luxury of lead-ins has been revoked!

My family is going through an extremely difficult time with my mother's mother, Grandma Jake. She's living here in the Cities but will be moving in with my parents in IL after Thanksgiving. Please think kind thoughts for us as we go through this stressful and complicated transition -- especially for my mom and dad, who just got rid of their last roommate last spring (teasing, E$!) and who are taking on an unbelievably huge responsibility.

We just got home from dinner at Alley Joel & Cara's new loft condo downtown St. P -- it's awesome! They've done a great job cozying up the space, and it's such a neat place. They were brave enough to have us AND the Watsons (all kids included!) over for dinner. The food was fabulous, surpassed only by the company. The twins and Lu are a hilarious little picture, three little towheads toddling all over. We had such a nice time.

Signing off for now...


Hello. It is 4:00. My children are sleeping, there is laundry in the dryer, and I have a warm laptop on my, well, lap. It's lovely.

But it's not always lovely! I have not posted because I have been keeping VERY busy chasing after the rugrats! Also because we haven't been up to too terribly much.

Ed is, well, not crawling actually -- "crafting" my folks call it. I call it a "low Army crawl." Kind of pulling himself along with ihs arms while his legs kick wildly and ineffectually behind him.

Alas! The phone rings, Ed cries. Bugger, bugger.