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Monday, April 23, 2007

Brown Girl In the Ring, la-la-la-la!

I have no idea what this song is about. But it's on a Raffi CD that I got from the library. And now it's stuck in my head.

She LOOKS like a sugar in a plum. Plum plum!

So, I have time to type now because my 2 kids are ni-night and Jayla is very tired but still awake upstairs. And I daren't try to do anything truly constructive until I'm sure she's actually going to sleep.

Had a wonderful trip to Milwaukee over the weekend for Peg's (I almost said bachelorette!) baby shower. The shower was fun... my folks got to take the kids to the zoo and swim with them in the hotel pool... and my face got sunburnt. In April. It was awesome.

I didn't run Fri, Sat or Sun. Today Jean watched the kids while I ran for... 40 minutes!! I walked for 4 minutes at the 20-minute mark, but I think that was it. I felt really great, much much better than I thought I would. I outran some shin splints; my right hip was hurting a little, but other than that I feel like I could have gone farther. I think I went about 3.5 miles total. *sigh* We'll see.

Ed got a new tooth on Friday! It's either B, I, L, or S (Jamie will verify... please Jamie? It's on his left lower jaw). His mouth is ridiculous... he has the two big front ones on top, and on bottom he has the two middles, and one just to the right, and then this giant molar in his back left... three spots away from the next-nearest tooth. Goofy kid. He's started walking quite a bit more; you can now set him down and he might just stand/walk on his own.

Lucy has had dry diapers three nights in a row! She was up late Fri and Sat night, so she was able to empty herself at, like, 10PM those nights. We didn't expect it to happen when we reverted to her normal 8PM bedtime, but it worked Sunday night too. Awesome! I never anticipated this part would come so quickly. I'm sure there will be setbacks, but to know that she can do it, is phenomenal. Go Lu!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, that would probably be tooth #L !!! Little guy with all his teeth!!