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Thursday, February 24, 2005


So my company renamed itself ALTAFI ( and we had the big renaming launch yesterday -- the office was decked out in lime green, and they brought in subs and cake and there were some contests and whatnot. It was pretty fun actually. :) Anyway, the point of this is there was a happy hour after work yesterday at a local restaurant and when I got in my car at 5:30pm to drive home I peek at my cell phone and I see I have FOUR missed calls, which is a LOT, and one new message so I'm dialing in and I can't get the message to play and finally I do and it's Jean saying "Oh hey, someone got shot in your neighborhood just now." So I see that the other THREE messages are from Joel (who was just supposed to pick Lucy up at 4:45 and go home) so I start to freak out and I call home and the conversation went something like:
Me: "Omigod what's wrong??"
Joel: "Oh, I have SO much to tell you! Well Randy Moss got traded..."
Me: "WHAT!?!? I need these stories in DESCENDING order of importance, please. Now!!"
Joel: "Are you at home now?"
Me (forgetting that I had CALLED HIM at home): "You're not HOME!!? Where ARE you?!?!"
Joel: "Well got called into a meeting right at 4, and let me read you this letter..."
(long letter-reading ensues... phrases like "your position has been eliminated, we have a new opportunity for you... should you choose not to accept it, your employment will be terminated...)
Me: "OK, well that doesn't sound so bad. Now who got shot?"
Joel: "Oh, a Ramsey county police officer."
Me: "Like right by our house?? Like can I even get home?"
Joel: "Oh, no, up north of Lake Phalen" (which is like three MILES from us)
Me: OK, so you still have a job, nobody's dead, and you're just sitting at home?
Joel: Right.

ARRGH! Well anyway. He had gotten a little more worked-up about the job thing than was maybe merited -- the phrasing of "eliminated" and "terminated" were just HR mumbo-jumbo (we think), and it's all going to be OK. Phew!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Her Second Cold :(

Or maybe just an extension of the first one.

Yup, we have a very sick little Hoot on our hands. Oh, but she's a brave little panda, pushing out those smiles through the snuffles and coughing fits. Joel ran out through the snowstorm on Sunday morning to pick up a new bulb-suctioner (and it came with an ear-wax removal device which I have been forbidden to use -- MUAHahaha!!), so we happily sucked boogers all day yesterday. Or rather, Joel and his p's did -- I was closing my show.

In other Father-of-the-Year news, you know what Joel said the other day? I was whining about being away from him and Lucy, again, because of the show, and he said that he was so grateful for all the extra time he got to spend, one-on-one, with Lucy. How many other fathers, he asked, get to spend all this time alone with their kid? If mom's around, mom tends to hover. Joel said he was so lucky to have that extra daddy-daughter alone time.

How the HECK did I get so lucky?? Seriously. Counting our blessings...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Hey! Listen up! It's easier to comment now. Please give it another try. :)

Louise Erdrich

When I was pregnant, I read Louise Erdrich’s The Blue Jays Dance. It was an OK book. But it made me realize that I am not the woman I thought I would be.

I had visions of becoming Louise Erdrich – an herbal-tea-drinking jogger with a home in the country, a vegetable garden and a sensitive musician husband with gorgeous hair.

Instead, I live in the city, work in a cube, drink coffee every morning, and my husband watches a LOT of television. We never play cards in the evening. We never sit around listening to music.

I recognize and, on the surface, envy the beauty of Louise Erdrich’s life. Her life is something out of a picture book, a hand-hewn scrapbook decorated with pressed leaves and photos of sunrises. But it is not my life. And my life, while more commercialized and less picturesque, is just as beautiful.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Grabby-hands Gronau

Hi again. Lucy learned a new trick! She's now grabbing everything within reach of her stubby little arms. You wouldn't imagine that simply picking things up could cause such joy, but think about it -- say your WHOLE LIFE you had no opposable thumbs and could only bat at things... and then one day you learn to close your hand around something -- well, you'd be picking things up right and left, all day long too.

I'm making a bold prediction, by the way: I think she's left-handed. Joel is doing his best to thwart this, possibly because I think he fears it'll be harder to teach her to swing a golf club correctly from the left side since neither of us is a lefty.

Last night we had reservations at White Castle (really!) for Valentine's Day. It was super fun and just perfect. They had tablecloths on the tables, and candles, and waiters all dressed up, taking our orders. Tons of fun. Lucy kept grabbing the sandwich boxes and throwing them on the floor -- she thought it was hilarious. She also held on tight to the mylar-balloon string and stared up at the floating shiny red heart above. It was like magic to her. So it's like magic to us too.