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Monday, March 24, 2008

Clean-Plate Club

So Joel and I were at Easter dinner at the Petersons' home, which was lovely, and I glanced to my left as dinner was wrapping up.
I saw Jeff's uncle Don, and my eyes caught a glint of light off his plate.

Which was clean.

Not just food-all-finished-with-the-expected-remaining-crumbs-of-breading-and-bits-of-meat-gristle-and-blobs-of-Jell-o-that-you-just-can't-pick-up-with-your-fork clean. CLEAN-clean. Licked-clean clean. Bizarrely clean.

I looked at his wife's plate. Same thing.

I looked at my own plate; at the Jell-o clumps and the fatty part of the ham that I refuse to eat because A. I can quite easily cut it off with my fork and knife, and because B. IT'S FAT and therefore GROSS and NOT FOOD. I looked at the smear of sweet potato that I didn't finish because I got kinda full and because I'd already nibbled off all the coconutty-marshmallowy part and I really wasn't interested in the rest of it.

I tried REALLY hard to get the rest of the Jell-o off my plate, but there wasn't much I could do about it. Embarrassed, I sorta stared at my plate, feeling them all JUDGING me for my not-clean plate.

So I brought it up to Joel later, because it was REALLY BUGGING me. How did their plates get so ridiculously CLEAN??!? I asked. It's not NORMAL!! I said to Joel. Short of LICKING the plate, there is no way they used the provided utensils to squeegee their plates. HOW DID THEY DO IT I MUST KNOW!!

Well Joel was quick to point out that rolls had been passed and perhaps they used part of a roll to sop up EVERYTHING on their plates?

To which I said, ohhhh, of course that's what they did, I'm an idiot. I'm sure they're real proud of their ability to consume every molecule of food product that they helped themselves to.

Eeeeeek, though, it's so WRONG and goes against every fiber of my being. I mean, A) Jell-o is not good on bread. B) Neither are sweet potatoes. C) NEITHER IS HAM-GRISTLE. I just can't fathom eating ham-gristle.

Dinner tonight was Joelly-style, Meggo-inspired scrambled eggs with spinach and diced ham, wrapped in whole-wheat tortillas with cheddar. Mmmmm, they were soooo good, and not just because I didn't have to cook them myself. Well, maybe a lot because of that.

My sister Ellen asked for the White Bean Chicken Chili recipe from last week, so here it is:

White Bean Chicken Chili

Cook in a large pot, then remove:
4-5 slices thick bacon (I used turkey bacon this time; not
as good)

Add to pot of grease (siphon off some of the grease if you wish) and
cook about 10 minutes:
4 cloves minced garlic
2 med. onions, chopped
1-2 green peppers, chopped

Meantime, poach 5-6 chicken breasts in 6-8 cups
chicken stock
(I always just use boullion) until breasts are cooked
through. Remove (reserving broth) and shred chicken.

Drain and rinse (I usually never actually rinse), then add to cooked
4 cans Great Northern beans (I used half white kidney
beans this time).

1 can diced green chilies
2 tsp. cumin
reserved stock

reserved cooked chicken
2 c. Monterey Jack cheese
reserved crumbled bacon

It didn't turn out that great this time. I feel like in the past it's been heaven -- I don't know what I did wrong, besides not really cook the veggies long enough. The turkey bacon didn't help, either -- although often I completely omit the bacon, so maybe that's what I ought to have done.

Tomorrow night we're ordering pizza. Sorry, gang.


Anonymous said...

Now I haven't had this chili in about 10 years so I don't remember the exact flavor, but would a fresh jalapeno and cilantro be a good addition?
I tend to think that short of apple pie and maybe cereal, a jalapeno and cilantro enhance most dishes.
This is Ellen by the way.

bridget said...

Yes, I agree I prefer fresh peppers and cilantro in mine as well. I have never tried bacon. Interesting.