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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The things they ate

Hey there! I've been hearing buzz that some people I know and care about are looking for meal ideas, so I think I might share what we're eating around here on a semi-regular basis.

Also because it might be a source of some comedy. We'll see.

A little pre-PS: I thought I had posted this and then I went and read the Madwoman's blog and thought, Oh good -- other people are jumping on the bandwagon! And then I went and found that I hadn't actually posted THIS yet, so... it turns out that I'm the bandwagon-jumper.

Last night I knew I was going to be gone from 3-10 PM, so I threw the following into my crockpot at about 10:00 AM:

- 1 sliced onion

- 3ish chicken "leg parts" (bought because they were on some crazy, 49-cents-per-pound deal -- I had to pull the skin off myself, but I like legs for their dark meat, and the bones give them extra flavor. The "leg parts" were drumsticks-attached-to-thighs, or what I would normally call "two pieces of chicken" apiece)

- 1 package onion soup mix (I cheated and had homemade some of this previously, for use in a meatball recipe. I blogged about it.)

- The leftover remains of all the barbecuey-flavored sauce that was taking up space in my fridge: it equaled about 1/2 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's; about 1/2 cup of Famous Dave's Apricot Glaze; and a few tablespoons of Hoisin sauce.

I turned the crockpot on Low and let it sit about eight hours. I haven't actually eaten it yet, but Joel said it was decent.

On the side, Joel cut up some potatoes, mixed them with Parmesan, butter, and salt, and baked them in the oven. He also steamed up some frozen corn.

Sooo... the meal was a little starch-heavy but what are you going to do.

Tonight... more starches! Drat! We're doing breakfast-for-dinner as sort of a Hump Day treat. Also I can't really afford more groceries until a week from Friday and oops, I'm supposed to be throwing Ed a birthday party on Saturday.


pilgrimchick said...

That doesn't sound half-bad. I don't have a crock-pot, but it seems worth it to try slow cooked stuff like this.

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Hmmmm. That chicken thing sounds pretty good. Nicole, Pat and the boys gave me a new crock pot for my birthday (What to do for people married 30-something years? Replace the wedding shower gifts that have rusted out!)so I'm happily crockery cooking again. But you do have to, um, actually PLAN dinner. Unlike those of us who sometimes just graze/gaze in the fridge between 5 and 8.