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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ed's birthday in pictures

I saw another blogger do this and it looked like fun.
So now, I give you: Friday, March 7, 2008 -- a photojourney.

My recently-abandoned breakfast table. Joel made pancakes for the kids so I could sleep in a bit -- I was at the show last night until 1:30 AM.

Joel leaves for work and it's playtime!

Goofing around in the kids' room.

Birthday boy!

Birthdays make everyone angry!
Getting out the door.
Driving the four blocks to the Daly's. Will is screaming.


Yup, I'm looking a little rough.

Lucy holding court from her throne.
Back at our house -- Grampa and Grandma are coming!


The drama of making dinner

Cocktail hour on the couch

Auntie Jean goofing with the birthday boy

Never did muster the motivation to clean the house.

Backstage at High School Musical! That's the costumer talking with the director (cheerleader in foreground)

Music Director Extraordinaire, Annie Bossard!

The opening number, taken from the catwalk. Gooooo Wildcats!


CarolSue said...

1. YESSSS! We made the cut for a Pants Post!! :)

2. That lunchtime picture is actually snacktime - I think. (like it matters.) I did feed you all more than 1 bowl of apples for lunch, didn't I? :):)

3. I like how in every picture of Ed after you were at my house, he's holding the farmers and horse he pilfered from us. :):):)

Fun. I like the hourly peek into Life ala Gronau. Life de Gronau? Casa de Gronau? Whatever.

bridget said...

What a clever idea. I love the picture post!