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Sunday, March 02, 2008

And Sundays are supposed to be happy days!

I thought, at long last, I could finally pull myself out of this GIANT FUNK I have been in for the last, oh, I dunno, month or so, by flinging myself into some housework and maybe getting to the bottom of some of these giant piles of crap that have collected in every possible nook and cranny of my house.

So I squeezed some toilet-cleaner into the toiley and scrubbed like mad, checked the clock, and strode confidently into the kitchen, determined to handwash the five or twelve must-be-handwashed items that are ALWAYS sitting in the sink, now that we don't have to handwash everything anymore. I go to plug the drain, and... wiggle. Huh? Umm... Joel? Can you come here for a second? Is the drain supposed to have come entirely unglued from the sink and be bopping around in there? Foiled again.

I swear, I am feeling like we just can't catch a break. Sure, it's 40 degrees out and as I retrieved the paper from the sidewalk this morning because the Pioneer Press's "front step guarantee!" is a load of hogwash, I thought, YES! maybe we can actually take the kids on a walk this afternoon! -- but it's actually raining. And the snow has melted just enough for Lake Gronau (the giant 3" deep puddle spanning the sidewalk which happens to be the only way to get to our garage from the house) to form, as it does every spring. And of course when the temp dips below freezing, Lake Gronau becomes Ice Sheet Gronau, and then I get to choose between walking through the snow and getting wet feet, and taking my chances on the ice sheet -- extra-sketchy, since I'm typically carrying at least one child and twelve bags every time I go out.

And I have a large mirror living on my stairs because I can't hang it on the wall because we tried to stop by Home Depot to get a couple hanging-brackets and both kids completely freaked out and were screaming in the store and this was after Eddie had stuck his hand in a totally disgusting puddle of some mysterious milky substance on the shopping cart.

And Joel's cell phone has gone missing again. Like, seriously? Did I tell you about this? First I lost my phone (and purse). Got it all back within an hour or so... but in the process, I lost Joel's phone. Got that back about three weeks later... but then he couldn't find his charger for another month or so. He just found the charger last week.
And promptly lost the cell phone again today.

And, like, we had to go buy new cordless phones... and even our kitchen clock chose this week to give up the ghost. And my computer keeps shutting down at random, with no warning.

And did I mention I'm in a FUNK!?!?


bridget said...

Any day now the weather will get better, and I am hoping that that will help my funk, maybe it will help yours too! Of course I also heard them mention something about more friggin' accumulating snow coming on Tuesday so maybe we won't survive another week!

CarolSue said...

Two words... Big Margarita.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Oh my goodness, you poor thing. Sounds like *I* need to call *you* and give you some encouragement. :) Don't you just love when your house and everything in it seems to conspire against you all at once? Good times.

I second the margarita. And maybe a good movie. Have you ever heard of Eddie Izzard? Stand-up comedian (currently starring, however, in "The Riches" with Minnie Driver) and he is HI.LAR.I.OUS. Go buy "Dressed to Kill" and I promise you won't be disappointed. (Don't watch with the kids in the room, though; his language could scour pots. But I'm willing to endure it for the rolling-on-the-floor laughter he inspires. Definitely cathartic.)