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Monday, March 31, 2008

The wait is OVER!


I am SO EXCITED. I know it snowed, like, 8 inches today. But BASEBALL IS BACK. It was a long, cold, difficult offseason and we're going to be terrible, but as of this moment Carlos Gomez is on pace to steal 326 bases, Joe Nathan (who still looks like Count Chocula) is going to save 163 games, and the announcers are going to keep confusing Morneau and Mauer.

It was exhilarating, watching the Joe Nathan/Torii Hunter matchup in the 9th. And yes, center field is going to be a big, frightening cavern for several months at best. But that new Harris guy sure looks dashing in a batting helmet. And life is good.

We had a great trip to Chicago this weekend -- We drove down with Cara and Alley Joel, and it was our first trip down with the kids' DVD player. Which, hello, is a total miracle -- but so much so that I really don't feel right using it the Whole Trip. I think we'll TRY to save it for the last couple hours on future trips. It just doesn't feel right tucking the kids into the wayway back and ignoring them for six hours. Plus the stimulation keeps them from dropping off into naps like they normally do.

We hung out with Stulie for a few hours on Friday -- it's always wonderful to catch up with those two... I mean four! Their twins are gorgeous and they seem like a very happy quartet. Even despite Stu's Captain Kangaroo haircut.

On Saturday we drove down to Palos ("PAY-los," not "PAH-los") Heights to watch Ellen play some volleyball. I ran into Lori Cozzens, a gal I played vball with in high school. There was a Big Ten vball tourney going on at the same time and believe you me those girls are MASSIVE. The Northern Iowa team, I swear, didn't have a single girl under six feet. Their crotches were at my armpits. I have no clue where they buy pants.

It was super fun to see Ellen play. They only had six players so she wasn't Labarroing (I have no idea how to spell that) but that meant we got to see her hit and set a little.

At the wedding, we got a chance to catch up with MANY of the old Winona gang, which was especially timely  since WSU won the D2 national men's bball tourney on Saturday afternoon. The wedding itself was held at Holy Family Church just outside the Loop. My dad's father's parents were married there, probably close to 100 years ago, and the church was celebrating its 150th anniversary (coincidentally, Winona State is also celebrating its 150th this year). The reception was in a fabulous space right next door to the Sears Tower. AND... they had Irish dancers! I really feel VERY STRONGLY about Irish dancers, especially after about 4 Absolut-Mandarin-and-cranberry-juices. I nearly wept.

Ellen and Eric crashed the reception a little later, and we danced like dang fools before sprinting back to the hotel with the Christophersons. In the morning we got up, found coffee and donuts, and watched part of the Shamrock Shuffle. I did NOT see my relatives (sorry guys!) and we shortly realized that the Shuffle was running AROUND our hotel and there was no way we were going to get out of the Loop for a while. Eventually we found our way up to Lincoln Park and met El and Eric at our favorite crepe place, before trucking back to RM and then all the way back up north.

We were all pretty tired this morning AND it's Monday which never bodes well for my sanity (for some reason the transitions to and from Lucy's dance class, with 3 kids, is tantamount to dragging three starving, angry, reluctant 30-lb squirrels to and from dance class. Plus Ed had a 9:30 appointment at the U for a Child Development study, plus it was legitimately blizzarding this morning, plus Baby Will has a nasty cold, so Joel took the morning off to give me a hand. So, bonus points to him!

At Ed's study, the researchers played with him for a while and then took him to a room where they showed him objects and then had him pick them up and drop them down a chute. He loved it and enthusiastically dropped everything down the chute. The point of it was to see what happened when the researcher gave something an incorrect name (like, they gave him a frog and called it a pig). I'm not really sure what they could get from Ed -- I noticed him correcting them ("No pig! Frog!") but that was about it.

The whole way driving to the U, Ed sat in his car seat singing "How does she KNOOOOOOW you WUUUUV her?" over and over and over. So adorable. Remind me to try to catch it on video.

Lucy had her first swim class tonight, at the MCC, along with the Watsonboys. She and the boys were delighted and we had to drag all three of them out of the pool when it was time to go home.

Oh, also, I signed up for a 10k run at the end of April. Ugh, I must be losing my mind.

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