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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Drowning my sorrows in Cinnamon Life Cereal

I think I'm getting arthritis, at least in my right hand. The back of it hurts, kind of a lot, with a frequency that's starting to get irritating. UGH.

Kind of a cold, worthless weekend around here. It was sunny but pretty much too cold to take the kiddos out sledding or anything. Life is tough when your legs are shorter than the recent snow accumulation.

I spent much of Saturday at Pat Watson's photo studio open house. It was a fun time; I got to see several people I don't get to see very often; and most importantly I was out of the house. Phew. I also got to tuck into a massive grocery trip All By Myself. It felt good, and it feels even better to have something other than lonely, rotting carrots and Worcestershire sauce in the fridge.

Joel and the kids and I went to Augustana Lutheran down in West St Paul this morning, to check out their contemporary service. We liked it a lot, even though I'm not sure we can go back following Joel's behavior at communion. You can ask him about it -- I do not care to relive his wrestling match with the poor teenage kid holding the wine chalice.

We're on the countdown for Ed's tooth extraction (do I say "teeth extraction" since it's two teeth?) Wednesday morning, March 4. I will, if everything goes smoothly, post an update that afternoon. In the meanwhile say prayers/send power/think happy thoughts for Ed and for Dr. Mielke and for the anesthesia staff, and for me to hold myself together. I almost cried several times at our pre-surgery tour last Thursday night. Last Saturday, Pat and his other photog-friend were kind enough to snap a few quick shots of the kids, so I could get some pre-extraction 3-year shots of Eddie. He turns 3 this coming Saturday, March 7 -- hope his face is healed enough to down some chocolate cake by then.


Heather said...

Meg, could you perhaps have a little carpal tunnel? I had that when I was pregnant with Jack and until he was about 5 months old. Hurts something fierce. Some people experience it as numbness. Some, as I did, experience it as pain.

Will be praying for Eddie and for you and for his care givers.

I sang at Augustana for a while. Are there still people we know singing at the contemporary service?

I have not forgotten to respond to your last e-mail. Just haven't had time to sit down with my thoughts. Jack's latest line he feeds me when I'm at the computer: "I thought you loved me, Mama. Why won't you play with me?"

Oh, maaaan!

annetta said...

I LOVE Dr Mielke! Eddie will do great. I know how unnerving it can be though. So about the back of your hand, call me. I have novice nurses training, I can tell ya what I know. ;) We had a great time with Pat. The pictures turned out great! Check em out at my blog:

jean said...

What about "tooth extractions"?

bridget said...

Good Luck Eddie-and of course Meg and Joel as well! You all will be in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow!
And I am sure everything will go smoothly!
i will have to remember to ask Joel about wrestling over the chalice!