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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shopping Spree

Those of you who know me well know I don't buy stuff.


This week has been a grand, fabulous exception. I've acquired the "Free to Be... You and Me" new hardcover book AND the complete CD (not the 4-song disappointment that comes with the book). This was to be a birthday present for Eddie and while he and Lu have been now listening to the CD nonstop since yesterday, I do think my bliss eclipses theirs. I remember bringing my old 1981 version of the book (which came with a vinyl record) to first grade, hoping to stage a "dramatic reading" of the Boy Meets Girl scene with Eric Lee, only to find that Eric Lee, though one of the smartest kids in first grade, did not yet have the reading skill to do an impromptu performance during Show-and-tell.

I remember Mrs. Head stepping in to divert attention from Eric's frustration. I bet she volunteered to read it with me, but she was a GIRL, of course, and would not do.

In addition, I've gotten my gardening undies in a metaphorical bunch and I am, after all, acquiring the hanging planter-baskets mentioned in the earlier posting. I'm also getting a set of clothesline poles off craigslist, and in addition I found an iron garden bench that I'm going to put in my front yard (in a soon-to-be-dug-out area by the sidewalk) to encourage neighborhood walkers to sit and enjoy the sunshine. Or, should I put it in the shade?

The baskets and bench are being acquired for me by my darling friend Becky, who is never averse to being sent all over the northwest metro area on wild-goose-chases, meeting random people who talk her into buying used board games. Thank you Becky!

AND I think we're going to get a Honeycrisp apple tree. Maybe 2. Through the Friends of Ramsey County Parks and Trails or something. Mmmm, free apples!! Well, after the $25 cost of the tree, that is.
P.S. If anybody knows ANYTHING about planting/keeping apple trees, I could really use your helps. Thanks.

Most importantly, today we got a piano! It's a spinet and looks HUGE in our living room and it needs tuning, but it's here, hoping to be played. I'm so excited!


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

You have to promise to sing "carols at the spinet" this December! And apples--I'm soooo jealous. I would love to grow an apple tree. But I think Colorado is too dry. I'm fearful that Colorado is too dry for any kind of backyard gardening, without serious irrigating. Grr.

And I am dying at your dramatic reading story. A performer since your wee days, eh? I shouldn't be surprised.

The captcha work is "ockestro"-- doesn't that seem like it really should be a word?

Meg said...

Wow, finally, a reason Minnesota is better than Colorado! I knew there was a reason out there somewhere. :)

Al... maybe this is a sign... Minnesota is calling you... :) :) :)

Also, Al, I admit your last sentence makes less than no sense to me. Though I do agree "ockestro" would make a fine word, almost as good as "ronk".

Katers said...

Mego...let me know what you need to know about gardening..I have a degree in Agronomy!

Glad to hear the purse strings opened up a bit, shopping can be so much fun!

bridget said...

Wow, that IS a lot of shopping for you! How exciting! Is this what comes of a weekend alone?