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Friday, March 06, 2009

Chocolate cake for the toothless wonder

It is for sure, like, 50 degrees out this afternoon. Bring it on, spring!!

I found a couple Lucy quotes laying around on scraps of paper, and I doubt I've posted them yet so here goes:

"Mom. I'm gonna pick out the shirt, you're gonna pick out the pants. Is that clear enough for you?"


Lucy (immediately following some sort of meal or snack): "I'M HUNGRY!"

Me (knowing that she means "I'M BORED!"): "What did you say!?!"

Lucy: "I didn't say 'I'm hungry.' I said . . ." (she pauses to think) . . . "'I love you.'"

My little Eddie-man turns 3 tomorrow. Got to go wrap presents...


Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Eddie! We love you!

Rebecca said...

Meg, is there any update at all of the kids who were taken? We've been praying...

bridget said...

Happy Birthday Eddie!