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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Remember that garish kelly-green coat I bought back in 1996? I CAN'T FIND IT. Do you have it? I would like it back by Tuesday, if at all possible. Thank you.

Also, yesterday I posted on Craig's List looking for some hanging baskets in which to plant some flowers and hang around the gazebo. I got a reply, from someone I'll call Revayco. I suspect this guy might be a long-lost relative.

Original craigslist posting:

Hey there, I'm looking for your used hanging basket-style containers for plants or flowers. Optimally, they'd have a hook or loop at the top and I can hang them off some existing hooks in my yard. Any size is OK -- I'm thinking in the 8"-14" range. Any material (plastic/metal) OK too. Im looking for up to six (6) hanging pots. The picture shows what I would call very high-end -- a cheapo throwaway plasticky kind is totally fine. Free would be best -- cheap is OK too. Let me know what you've got! Thanks!

Revayco replied:

Hi - I have 6 of the metal type of hanging basket that I won't be using this spring.
I paid $5 apiece for these in 2004.
They are in real good condition. I've discarded the moss, so we are talking frame only.
I don't have pictures.
We be asking a firm $15 cash.

I live in Champlin. Haven't been in East Saint Paul since the Vikings were in the Super Bowl.

So I wrote back:

I wasn't aware the Vikings were ever in the Super Bowl.. Thanks for the reply --
Champlin's too far for me, though. Sorry...

At which point I would have expected the conversation to end. However...

Revayco writes back:

Thanks for letting me know. I'm also delighted the inhabitants of the
east side write and speak English.
Four Super Bowls in fact.
I earned the right to talk smart about the east side. I married one, and made a good woman out of her.
Keep smiling.

So now I've been engaged, and I can't resist. I reply:

Hellooo, didn't you get the memo? The east side is the new happenin' spot. The new Uptown. Uptown II. Uptopia. We're still working on a title. All the hep English-speaking cats are groovin' over here..
Get out and do some yard work, or something.

And here's the response from Revayco:

Hep Cats ??? My good common sense says, Meg wants the last word. Ain't happening. I'm Irish.
The east side is like a foreign country. Lower Liberia. Southern Somali. Eastern Ethiopia.
The fringe benefit you get is to see the sun first, not conducive to a good crop of anything except weeds.
Best check your TV guide.
Wouldn't want you to miss Lawrence Welk and those sweet "Hep" Lennon Sisters you grew up with.
Oh, I don't do yard work till after Easter. Makes it easier to hide the eggs. Yard mice don't like eggs.
The price of the hanging baskets is now $250 cash only. I need it to get my head examined.
I'll now retire to the bat cave. We're burning pictures of Oprah to use for tomato

So the upshot is, I still don't have any hanging baskets. If you have any to get rid of, let me know. And now I have the memory of this very strange e-conversation.

In unrelated news, a friend of mine offered to teach preschool drawing class and asked whether Lucy would be interested. Lucy likes to produce art, but I'm not sure she'd benefit from a class at this stage. Anyway, I was mulling this over in my head yesterday morning when I turned the corner and ran into ... Frida Kahlo.

So I'm guessing the art class might be a good idea after all, eh?


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

awesome picture. i'd vote yes on the art class, too.

burning pictures of Oprah to use as tomato fertilizer"--excellent.

CarolSue said...

OMG. This entire post leaves me speechless... just awesome.

Thanks for defending the pride of the East Side.

And he was right. You do like to have the last word. :)

OH - and I do not have or know there whereabouts of your green coat. But if you don't find it right quick - St. Patty's Day is in serious jeopardy.

Heather said...

That picture had me laughing out loud for a full minute.

That was a great post.

Jean said...

Eureka! I have your green coat! It's hanging in my closet in all it's obnoxious green glory. You shall get it back today. (It has, infact, been in my posession for precisely 1 year.) Happy St. Patty's Day!
BTW, reading your post this morning made Froot Loops shoot out my nose. (They're generic Fruit Loops. Maybe they're called Fruit Rings. Hmm. Not sure now.)

Rebecca said...

I don't live far from Champlin and would happily pick up the baskets. Probably doesn't still have them though!

CarolSue said...

So I was just perusing (not sure that's spelled correctly) with Jo looking over my shoulder, and I came to the picture of Frida, er, Lucy.

Jo: "Who is THAT??!"

Me: "Look really hard, tell me if you recognize her."

Jo: "I don't know anyone who looks like THAT."

Me: "Are you sure? Who do you know with blonde hair?"

Jo: "Lucy??"

Me: "Yup."

Jo: "But. But. She looks..... like..... someone ELSE!"

Pat said...

There's a great deal of hatin' goin' on in the greater burbs regarding the good ole' East Side.
God Bless the now defunct "Ha Ha", the Little Oven, the 5-8 and the Dairiette.