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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Anyway, yes.

Eddie continues to rebound as though he'd never even been under the knife... err, the pair of pliers, as it were. He was running around the house like his old self yesterday afternoon and it was all Joel and my dad and I could do to keep that kid on light-duty.

I can see Ed sticking his tongue in the new hole in his mouth, and the rice he was eating last night kept spilling out as fast as he could shovel it in. Also, sometimes he whistles when he talks, now... but other than that, all is back to normal for him.

Joel and my dad and I all took everything much harder, I must say -- when the dentist came in to confirm what we were doing for surgery yesterday, he was hinting that maybe the teeth wouldn't need to come out at all. Then he noticed something on the chart that he hadn't noticed before... NOT what a mama wants to hear in the waning moments before they knock out your son to rip out his teeth. No, what I want to hear is that the doc has been thinking about nothing else besides my son for the last three months. Ridiculous, I know, but could he at least pretend to be sure what he was doing?

It all did shake out OK, though -- like I mentioned, the teeth did really need to come out, and it all went seamlessly until Joel backed into a pylon in the hospital parking ramp and tore the plastic off our driver-side taillights. Grrrr.

We came home and proceeded to watch ... oh ... maybe four kid-movies in a row? Madagascar, Ice Age 2, Nemo, and some Veggie Tales. The grownups all catnapped, but NOT EDDIE. Stinker. He must've eaten seven popsicles and an entire tub of strawberry yogurt.

Joel (knowing he'd be home all day) called a garage-door-fixit company to take a look at our garage door. The door itself is only a few years old, but the opener has been flaking out on us for the last five years or so -- the first couple years, it wouldn't operate when the temp was below zero or over 100. Last year the range was 20-80 degrees and this winter, really, once it got below freezing there was no chance of it working.

It's a detached garage and we keep almost nothing of value in it, but still, we do live in a city neighborhood and it had been damn frustrating to have to manually tug the door open and shut (and even then it would buck and rebound and cause endless frustration). So yesterday, $360 later, it is completely fixed. We also found out that the mechanism was from 1983. So it'd been living on borrowed time for at least the last decade. It brings me great joy to watch my garage open and shut merrily along and I feel like a giant thorn has been removed from my rear end.

I'd better go call Grampa and Ed in from their rollick in the snow. It's lunchtime!!

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