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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol Week 1 -- Top 13

YESSSSS. American Idol is back, baby!

Sorry, I don't have much to live for these days... or that might be the way it seems. Regardless, I am fully on the American Idol bandwagon after three yearsish of waning interest.

Here's my own personal recap of tonight's show, the Top 13. I have ranked the contestants as I see 'em, but I think I'll do my commentary in chronological order since there are soooo many of them at the moment.

It's Michael Jackson week, which I think is pretty cool since he has a gigantic catalog of decent songs. Paula borrowed her outfit from Bjork, and here we go.

1st up: Lil Rounds! What a name. She sang "The way you make me feel" and I thought it was great. Eddie said "Look at her! She's beautiful!" and Joel thought it was a little slow and dull at times.

2. Scott the Blind Guy singing "Keep the Faith"
I like this guy, he's a pretty good musician, but I can't help but think he's getting lots of votes for being the blind guy. As Scott was sitting behind his VERY shiny piano, Eddie said "He's in the WATER!" and then, as the camera rotated, "He's on the STAGE!!" That Ed, you can't get anything by him.

3. Danny singing "PYT"
This was the first song of the night that got me really excited. I like Danny a lot, and not just because he has the same glasses as I do (except mine have a giant "G" on the sides, and that's only interesting because Danny's last name also starts with a G, although I guess it's a good thing because if we ever got our glasses mixed up it would be very easy to tell them apart... and I am indeed happily married but, Danny, it would be OK by me if our glasses somehow got mixed up). I also like Danny not just because he dances like Stu, which he totally does. I thought the performance was fun and entertaining and I loved it. And now, a conversation between Joel and Lucy:

Joel: I thought he rocked it.
Lucy: What does "rocked it" mean?
Joel: I thought he nailed it.
Lucy: What does "nailed it" mean?

This from a girl who just yesterday was looking for Jerusalem on our globe, and called out, J... J... I'm looking for a J... and when I said, a J? How did you know that? she grinned at me and told me she sounded it out.

4. Michael singing "You are not alone"
Michael, I'm not your biggest fan. Sorry dude. And it was confusing because I could never tell when they meant you, or when they meant Michael Jackson. And guess what, today at AYP rehearsal a 9-year-old girl called Michael Jackson "Michael Jordan." And then had no clue what a Greyhound Bus was. I feel ooooooold.

5. Jasmine singing "I'll be there"
All right, I admit I didn't actually see any of this song (nor the second half of Michael's) due to kiddos bedtime. But I promise she was boring.

6. Kris singing "Do you remember the time"
This was gooood. He is cuuuuute. Joel liked it too but without all the extra vowels. Joel also caught the Jason Mraz vibe and that's fine but Kris is still in my bottom four-ish.

7. Allison singing "Given to me"
I ADORE this girl and I think she's amazing. Joel thinks she's going home, though, because "who's into rock anymore?" I suspect he's wrong, but I can see how her sound probably sounded a lot more fresh eight years ago when Kelly Clarkson started doing it.

8. Anoop -- Beat It
This was bad, bad, bad karaoke. And it was followed by a weird Hershey Kisses commercial where a kid hands a wrapped Kiss to his mom and she pops it right into her mouth. It made my fillings hurt.

9. Jorge Nunez-- Never say goodbye
I liked it a lot, actually, and then the judges went and ripped him to shreds. I really like Jorge. And Paula looks soaking wet. What is her DEAL!?

10. Megan Corkrey -- Rockin' robin
She looked super-embarrassed to be singing such a ridiculous excuse for a song. Her red dress was bizarre and exactly the opposite of the kind of clothes I want her to be wearing. The dress was weird, the song was weird, and yet there is something about the tone of her voice that I LOVE.

11. Adam Lambert -- Black & White
Let's get this straight: Adam Lambert is Constantine Maroulis: 2009 edition. And I mean that in the most loving way: drama geek with a fantastic voice and stage presence who has chosen a niche (possibly out of a hat) and is rocking it. Except Adam seems gayer -- I find myself strangely unattracted to him and there is something ungenuine (is that a word?) about him. Possibly his base makeup. Also I cannot STAND the name "Lambert" -- wasn't that the name of a pathetic sheep character in some cartoon of my youth?? That said, Adam's performance was brilliant. And I was really impressed by his comment about it taking a lot of hard work to get his performance the way he wanted it. I think that's something a lot of young performers misunderstand -- Adam doesn't just lay around all day until it's time to hop on stage and do his Aerosmith/Rolling Stones thingamajig. He WORKS HARD to get the sound and the effect he wants. Certainly he has natural talent, but he also puts in a lot of hard work to make it seem effortless and natural. Bravo!

12. Matt -- "Human nature"
Pretty darn good, but some of the end notes were weird for me.

13. Alexis -- "Dirty Diana"
Joel thinks she's adorable and he is totally right. I thought her performance was decent -- did anyone else notice that she's six inches shorter than Ryan Seacrest, even while wearing 4-inch heels? She's a peanut!

OK my top three:
Lil Rounds

Middle of the pack, hope they're safe:

My bottom three:


Stuart said...

Hey Meg,

I enjoyed your analysis of American Idol last night. As a regular reader of your blog, I would love to see one of these each week. (hint, hint) The fans have spoken; will you listen?

Now, let's do this.

Allison: Really? In one word: bag o' suck. (I realize that could be considered three words, but I like to think of it as one giant compound thingy. Should I add hyphens?)

She should go home just for the mere fact that she chose a song that only a ten-year old should sing. She added nothing new to the song and I'm afraid she wouldn't even get second place in a local karaoke contest, yet alone win American Idol. That kind of nonsense has no place on a show of such high prestige. (sarcasm alert!)

Granted, she's cute and probably has the best gams on the show, but gams alone do not make an American Idol. Just ask Constantine Maroulis.

BTW, I think the word you were looking for was "disingenuous," as in Adam Lambert is a disingenuous rock poser. You're spot on. He's about as much of a rocker as Anne Murray, that bitch. That being said, the boy can sing.

Oh, and I think Danny is a rad dancer. :)

Keep the posts coming.

Your Fan (Stu)

CarolSue said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Okay - maybe Ever. is a bit much, because all of your posts are awesome... but keep the reviews coming. Please.

Oh - and I'm going to take your word for all of it. The only performance I saw was the blind guy.

Although - I think I'd like to be able to judge this Stu vs. Danny comparison for myself. Any way we can make that happen? :)

Heather said...

Hooray! It's time for the hilarious recaps of American Idol at the Gronau house! Get Jean over there - she's got funny stuff too! Here's my take. We are on the same page in almost all ways.

1st up: Lil Rounds. I wish her name was not Lil. Lil Abner ruined that name for everyone. So did Lil Kim. Is it Lil as in Little or Lil as in Lily? That said, I like this girl - great voice. Did not care for this performance and I LOVE that song. Thought it was dull and was distracted my her weird outfit. And by Paula's. Jackson also liked Lil. He said, "She is beautiful."

2. Scott the Blind Guy singing "Keep the Faith"
Good musician but not good enough to go very far in this competition. I think he is getting a break because he's blind and I am pretty okay with that, but I think his time is limited in the competition.

3. Danny singing "PYT"
I LOVE this guy. From the first time I saw him. I think he is a good person, knows who he is, and I think he will be a successful Christian singer. At this point in the night I told Jackson I would not read him books because I was watching American Idol and if he couldn't be quiet I would put him to bed. Mother of the year.

4. Michael singing "You are not alone"
I want this guy to stay on the show simply so he doesn't have to go back to that dangerous job.

5. Jasmine singing "I'll be there"
This is when I put Jackson to bed because she is Zzzzzzzzz.

6. Kris singing "Do you remember the time"
I'm with Joel on the Jason Mraz vibe. That's good with me because I love Jason Mraz. He is so cute and hope he sticks around for a while.

7. Allison singing "Given to me"
I can't get past how awkward she is. Did she really say, "I don't cut myself or anything" when Simon told her she might need to lighten up? The trained singer in me feels like she is going to have nodes by the time she is 20. She is talented, no doubt, but she just isn't my favorite. This week.

8. Anoop -- Beat It
I want to like Anoop, but that was embarrassing. See ya. Or should I say, Beat It.

9. Jorge Nunez-- Never say goodbye
I love Jorge. I don't know why. I think he is adorable. I would not buy his CD as I think he'd sing a bunch of Michael Bolton songs but he is so sweet.

10. Megan Corkrey -- Rockin' robin
Her dress was a combination of two ugly dresses I wore in high school. Two ugly dresses combined = a REALLY ugly dress. However, I LOVE her voice. Why the heck she picked this song I don't know. And WHY did no one talk about how she CAWED at the end of the song? TWICE.

11. Adam Lambert -- Black & White
You are spot on Meg. I feel like being a rocker is a choice he is making and sticking to it. I really like him though and have a feeling he could do almost any style really well. Did I hear on the show or somewhere else that he was in Wicked?

12. Matt -- "Human nature"
For some reason I only heard a couple seconds of this guy but did I hear them judges compare him to Justin Timberlake? That's a good thing in my book.

13. Alexis -- "Dirty Diana"
She is a pocket-person. So tiny. I think I like her. Thought she was a little too much last night, but I think she's good.

My top three:

My bottom two:

And I'm with Stu - let's hear from the Gronau's every week!

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Your AI recaps are so hilarious, Meg, even though I have no idea what you're talking about. They're almost enough to make me watch the show. Almost. But not quite. Though that's mostly because we don't have cable anymore and I don't think Hulu shows reality shows. Or maybe they do, I don't know, I've never actually checked because I don't like reality shows. Well, except for Dancing with the Stars, which I know started this week and I was all psyched to watch the premier since we're at my IL's how this week, but then I forgot. Though I think you can watch those right on the network's website. Can you do that with AI?

Anyway. Yeah, love the post. Looking forward to next week. :)

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

OK, so why do you think all the judges are fawning all over Adam? I can't stand his voice (not singing ... screaming), and I can't bear to LOOK at him. I mean, ick.

In other news, I loved Lil's performance. She sounds a little like Aretha. In a word, powerful and lovely at the same time.

Meg said...

I think Allison's song was actually "Give IN to me," rather than "Given to me" which is what I typed. Oops!

Really, you guys are all totally hating on her. I would KILL to be able to belt like she does!
Altho Heather I agree with you about her nodes! I was afraid to say it because I feel like I don't actually know that much about singing. But I was thinking it. :)

Also Stu, I now think the word I wanted was "inauthentic". Surely Adam is also disingenuous, however.

Heather, I LIKED Lil Rounds' outfit because I thought the giant shower-poofy on her shoulder balanced out the not-so-little-rounds in the back of her pants.

Also you DID hear them compare Matt to Justin Timberlake. They do resemble each other, and I ADORE JT.

And Alison (Strobel) -- do you not get any TV? Antenna/network anything? Because AI is just on regular old free Fox. Also, as a singer, I would think you'd be fascinated by AI. C'mon, try it. Just once. For me? Unless it's Disco Week or Elton John Week because those are historically a nightmare for viewers and contestants alike.

Rebecca said...

I love Danny (and the song, PYT). I also loved Adam's performance. The rest I can take or leave.

Furthermore, now that the results show has commenced....SERIOUSLY?!?!? You can't tell me that Megan was better than Jasmine...did anybody catch the "caw caw" at the end of her performance. REALLY? Yikes.

And again, can anybody really say that Anoop was better than Jorge?? WTF??? I'm losing faith in America's choices.

Rebecca said...

Oh, and in review of the show (we TIVO'ed it)...I can't stand how Alexis constantly had her head cocked to one side and felt like she had to head bang it repetitively throughout the song.