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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey there, it's March 17 and that means any doofus can dress up in green and drink too much.
We haven't started drinking here... yet... but we did hit the St. Pat's Day parade downtown St. Paul.
The kids and I hopped the Metro bus and met Joel, the Dalys (including Grandpa Daly), and the Crandalls... and Jean actually had the infamous green coat!

At the bus stop. If you ever want to appear cool and savvy and street-smart, do NOT take a 3- and 4-year-old, decked out in green, on a city bus.
In the skyway -- Ed's favorite part.

On the street, waiting for the parade. It was chilly until the sun finally came out.

The Swarm -- a professional... err... lacrosse team? I dunno. But I do have a token for BOGO tickets, if anybody is interested.

Josie ... and Owen ... eating candy, I presume.

Eddie with Auntie Beans and Grampa Daly in his authentic Irish cap. Slainthe! Or something.
Hey, did someone the other day say that Eddie's breath is "milky"? I mean, it totally is -- it's still baby-breath and it's the best thing ever. Lucy still has some sweetness, although a different sort, in her breath too.
I spend a LOT of time smelling Ed's breath while he sits on the toilet these days, so I guss it's just on my mind.


Katers said...

Perhaps I am the only one to see this, but the last photo of Eddie and Jean (and grandpa) reminds me of your dad (Eddie's expression, that is). Seriously, I see Uncle Ray! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Meg said...

NO, Kate, you are not alone. I have several other pictures where Ed definitely looks like me. And I look like a Ryan! :) :)

I forgot to mention a couple other funny things:
1. Lucy and Ed got in a fistfight this morning in the yard, and as a result she has three giant scrapes across her cheeks. LOTS of people tossed her candy, and I swear it's because she looked like she'd been ... well, in a fight.
2. I got to shake the Mayor's hand! Not that big a deal, I guess, but I didn't even know for sure who he was until today. He's speaking at my neighborhood leadership graduation in a couple weeks, though, so I'm counting on him remembering me... because I'm sure he only shook about 11 BILLION hands today.
3. See Joel's face in the one pic with him in it? He had that same expression on one of his work ID badges, years ago. Hilarious.

Molly said...

I love the bathtub conversation! Joe and Jim used to have similar conversations and Joe being older always made sure he won!! So funny! Jim caught on after a while but at first he always went along with it. Where do they get it? I know you and I NEVER abused our oldest child status like that!