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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A.I. Top 9

Soooo, this is "Popular Downloads on iTunes" week? So random. OK.

I noticed right off that Allison is dressed like a buoy. And then Anoop sings some Usher song called... uh... "Collared"? I've been really slack about listening to popular music so I'm afraid I'm in for a rough week.

Anoop -- Some Usher song
He sings it sharp, it sounds like karaoke, and I'm just not buyin' whatever he's sellin'.

And Paula, I KNOW that pale lipstick is in, but I think it makes you look old. Old with maybe even a mustache. Do not fear colored lipstick! You have nothing to fear but fear itself! I asked Joel for a good quote and he came up with "Easy, furball." So that's something.

Megan -- Some Bob Marley/Lauren Hill song
They announced what she was doing right before a commercial break, and I said to myself, "This is going to be BAD and I'm going to LOVE it." I didn't *exactly* love it though. I think if Megan were in my living room singing this song, I would find it terrific. But on that big stage, she pushes her voice way too hard.

Danny Gokey -- Some Rascal Flatts song
Can you tell I can't get my internets working at the moment? Oh wait this song is "What Hurts the Most." Lucy, of course, thought Danny hit the rock. I guess it was good. Joel thought it wasn't his best. And the judges are recycling comments from four seasons ago.

Allison Iraheta -- Don't Speak by No Doubt
This was kinda identical to the Gwen Stefani version. It was fine -- it was good. And I just don't GET Allison's hair. How does she keep it that color? And how did she get those crazy spikes on top -- is it a hairpiece? Or did she, God forbid, actually get it cut that way?

Scott -- Just the way you are by Billy Joel
AGAIN Scott talks about "stripping down." This guy has naked issues, methinks. I thought the song was really lovely. I even enjoyed the Billy Joel hairdo -- how much fun would it be to be the stylist for a sight-impaired person?! Joel thought he looked a little like Teen Wolf, and thought the song got really good toward the end.

Here, Ryan Seacrest announces that The Fray and Celine Dion will be sung by Matt and Lil. And I wish out loud that it's Matt singing Celine Dion.

Matt -- NOT singing Celine Dion (grrrr.)
Matt, again, sounds bad on the early low notes of this song. He continues to be pitchy on descending notes for the rest of the song, and I think the judges (specifically Paula) are exactly right in their assessment of his performance as a lousy repeat of his Coldplay song from an earlier round. Joel says that Matt was "trying to move someone with his singing -- he moved my bowels." Thanks, Joel, for another quality quote.

Lil -- NOT singing The Fray
(Insert comment from Stu regarding The Fray.)
I didn't take a single note on this performance. It stunk, and I hate to say that because I really like Lil a lot as a person... errr, rather, I think I would, if I actually knew her. Lil, I'm so sorry.

Adam -- Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music
Let it be said that I HATE this song. Let it also be said that I would really appreciate it if Adam's version entirely replaced the usage of the original version at weddings. Any chance we can get a petition going?
I loved the tempo changes -- doing the part before the chorus twice as slow, then speeding back up for the chorus -- it reminded me of the tinkering they did with the Beatles songs in Across The Universe (PS if you like music and have not seen this movie YOU NEED TO).
Right, so Adam is just amazing. My parents called a couple days after his "Ring of Fire" performance a couple weeks ago, giddy because they'd paid $.99 for the song on iTunes. He is good, good, good. And if he winds up in the bottom 3, he'll be crying himself to sleep on his huuuge pillow. That boy's head's like Sputnik.

Kris -- Ain't no sunshine
Hard to go after Adam, man. I, unfortunately, much prefer some other version of this song. it was good but boring. Joel was hoping for some more up-tempo in the middle of the song. I know everybody loved it, but yaaawn.

Well, it's probably good this is my last week. I hate to say I'm getting bored, but there are very few surprises and the remaining singers pretty much shake out the same every week. And it's not looking good for the VCR -- apparently hooking it up with the antenna and the converter box is nigh-on impossible ... unless maybe we want to take up a collection for an HD antenna? The rankings:

Giant head (and shoulders) above everyone else:

Next bunch:

Bottom bunch:


Heather said...

It is LATE and the McCornacks enjoyed your review as a bedtime story. We will miss the weekely review!

Anoop: dullsville and Anoop, lose the 'tude.

Megan: I have never been on the Megan train. I think she is imitating the people on the radio whose names I do not know. This was not very good. Was she even a performer before this? I really need her to stop with the shoulder shimmy thing.

Scott: much better but not doing much for me.

Danny: love him. And LOVE Rascall Flats so it was a win-win.

Allison: she's 16 so I am impressed but she is just not my fav.

Matt: uh, it was okay.

Lil: bo-ring. But now I love her again because of the way her daughter hugged Randy and Lil cried. So sweet.

Adam: wow. he is amazing. Meg, I was so with you on the tempo changes. and extra kudos to him for thanking the band.

Kris: liked it a lot and I really dislike this song. I think he is getting better every week.

My top 3: Danny, Adam, Kris

I would like to see the ladies (and Anoop and Scott)skedaddle and have it be a battle of the men.

Meg said...

From what I remember, Megan was the girl who auditioned for all the shows in high school and was never cast.

Now that you mention it, I see what you mean about her voice being an imitation of... uh... yep, those gals on the radio. Yeha.