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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What Did The Nuk Ever Do To You?

...except try its little Nuk-hardest to make you happy??

Ed hates his Nuk. Like, really really hates it. About 65% of the time. The other 35%, it soothes him like a good Nuk should. I just don't get it.

Ed is kind of a weird kid. Sometimes he just doesn't want to be held. Unheard-of! So we put him down, he's happy, and the world keeps turning. And, like, he's never been what I would call "colicky," but every once in a while he just has these screaming fits. Doesn't want to be held, doesn't want his swing, couldn't be hungry, diaper is clean... who knows?

Ground Beef 101


Joel is Funny, Part XII


One of my favorite parts of being married is still finding out new things about each other, even six years later.

So... I occasionally cook things with ground beef, right? And one of my pet peeves is when I don't manage to chop up the beef finely enough as I'm cooking it. I think cooked ground beef ought to be of a nice, even, small consistency, first of all so it picks up all the sauce or whatever I'm doing with it, and more importantly so that I don't end up with gynormous chunks of MEAT that are unevenly cooked or at the very least gross out my palate.

So I mention this to Joel one day (after apologizing for not chopping up the pieces quite to my satismafaction)... and he looks at me, kind of dumbfounded.

"Meggo," he says, "That's how groundbeef is supposed to be."

"WHAT?!" I stammer. "No!" I proceed to outline the aforementioned reasons for chopping up the beef thoroughly.

"Yeah," he replies, "Well, that's why whenever you cook, I'm like, Where is all the meat?"

You guessed it: this is crying out for another poll. Here goes:

How ought ground beef be cooked?
Chopped up nice and fine and evenly. Each bite should be homogenous with regard to size, taste and texture.
Barely chopped at all. Bring on the massive chunks of undercooked meat with absolutely no seasoning in the middle!
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CarolSue said...

I can't fairly vote because for me, it depends on what food the meat is part of. If it's tacos, then yes - I want the meat finely chopped. If it's spaghetti sauce or something, then I kinda want a little chunkiness. Otherwise, it reminds me of school lunch or something else institutional-ishy.

And Josie hated her nuk, too. Except I did run across a picture of her sleeping in her high chair with a nuk in her mouth and I can't for the life of me remember her going through a nuk phase.

I hope that was actually my kid in the picture and I'm not losing it. Which is entirely possible since I've got a major case of pregnancy stupids right now.

Meg said...

Hmmm, interesting. I don't make spaghetti with ground beef, which hsa only been brought to my attention as being odd in the last couple months. I will have to try it!

P.S. Carol, you were supposed to TAKE MY SIDE. :) :) ;)

CarolSue said...

I kinda did... remember the tacos? The TACOS, Meg, the TACOS. Finely chopped meat for tacos.

Meg said...

LOL! Apparently my own personal Pregnancy Stupids are lingering a little. :)

Anonymous said...

What is a nuk?

Meg said...

Oh, goodness, I'm sorry -- it's a pacifier (I think they call it a "dummy" in Great Britain). It's a soft plastic fake nipple that SOME babies really like to suck on to help soothe themselves. (Not my son, apparently.)

They've been pretty controversial (like, shouldn't the PARENTS be soohing the baby?) but have recently been shown to possibly be connected with prevention of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

More info than you wanted, right? :)

Nicole P. said...

Hi Meg! The gb story is so funny... I have something similar -- When I make something with ground beef in it, I always drain the meat in a colander with a paper towel (put the paper towel in the colander to soak up all the nasty grease). When Scott and I were dating I made something with beef in it, and when he saw that I was putting the meat on a paper towel, he said, "You cook weird." I always laugh when I think of that -- now that we've been together for so long he's used to seeing me do it and cooking with paper towels is no longer an issue! : )

Anywho -- I also want to add that I don't put meat in my spag sauce either -- My mom used to make it with meat, but I don't, and I really don't miss it!

Where's your Idol update?? Ace was awful last night -- and is he trying out for a Maybelline commercial?? What's with all the makeup?? : )

Meg said...

Nicole Puds --
Idol review has been published! Phew! Also, I frequently make my spag sauce with italian sausage. In fact, that sounds really good right now. Mmmm.

Lisa Anderson said...

Meg - I totally know what you mean. David doesn't like his Nuk either. Here I was hoping that would be the miracle tool in helping him calm down at night - wrong. And for crying fits, last night David's lasted over 2 hours. I don't get it. He will be crying and crying, then in a snap he is completely calm like nothing was ever wrong. Why are babies so hard to understand?