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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A.I. 4/8 Review

Well I for one am greatly relieved that this was Great American Songbook Night and not Rod Stewart Night. I mean, sure, I want his body, AND I think he’s sexy, but … well … on the other hand, maybe America is due for a remake of “This Old Heart of Mine.”

Joel (JG): “Rod Stewart singing American Classics? That’s f#$%ing stupid.”

Jean (JT): “Why is Seabreeze wearing two microphones?”

Meg: “Paula is even more orange tonight! And it’s rubbing off on Simon! Is jaundice contagious?”

Consensus: Rod Stewart’s baby is stinkin’ adorable.

Chris “Galway Dave” Daughtry
M: “That was awesome! Wasn’t it great?”
JT: “His tie is inside his shirt.”
M: “Maybe that’s a cravat? He has such lovely eyebrows. And I adore the swishy sideburns.”
Carol (via teleconference): “I thought Chris was the guy playing the guitar!”
M: “Me too!”
JT: “Yeah, I did at first too.”
Carol: “Yeah, but it took me ¾ of the song to figure it out. I was like, ‘What did they do to him this week?’”
M: “Wasn’t the guitar guy black?”
Carol: “Yes!”

Paris Ramada:
JT: “How did her hair get so long? I like her simple look this week. It‘s all about their singing tonight.”
M: “Sometimes she sings like there’s a marshmallow in her throat. But I thought she was awesome!”

Taylor Hicks:
No, no, no, Taylor, you have it all backward. You. Send. US.

Elliott Phone Home:
JT: “I really like his voice. He’s singing it pretty straight up (until the end).”
M: “He’s such a goofy-looking guy. But man, that was good. He’s great.”
JT: “I don’t think that jacket is ‘him’.”
M: “I have to agree with Simon -- he’s missing something.”

Kellie Pickles:
M: “Whoa, there, make sure you get up to that note! Okay, I’m going to blame that on the satellite transmission.”
JT: “A titch flat.”
(and later)
JT: “Oh, dear. That was bad, man.”
M: “And it started off so good! Oh, poor sweetie. Oh, honey.”
We especially liked Rod Stewart’s stunned silence after Kellie said “Well, you took a load off my chest!”

Ace Ventura:
M (to herself): “Wow, he looks like Derek Jeter. I’m not going to say that, though, because that would sound stupid.”
JG: “He looks like Derek Jeter!”
M: “Aaaarrrgggh!”
JT: “Omigod, he cut his hair.”
M: “Nooo, it’s a ponytail. No, wait, it’s a bun.’
JT: “It’s not a bun, it’s just curled under.”
JG: “I’m a little envious of his hairline.”
JT: “I could not look more like this guy.”
(Separated at birth?)

JG: “Nice falsetto. Ohh, lip quiver!”
M: “Shut UP, Paula!“
JG: “Now she’s got a coin slot.”
JT: “Yeah, but hers is in front.”
M: “And I think it also accepts dollar bills.”

M (distracted, trying to find a photo of Ace that best displays his resemblance to Jean): “That was really good.”
JT: “She’s got great vocals.”
JG (who only came in during Ace’s song) : “She was the best all night.”

Bottom three: This is tough, dawg -- almost everybody totally kicked it tonight. In a good way. Well, except Kellie, for sure, I guess; then maybe Paris and Elliott. Or wait, Ace instead of Paris.
Kellie’s got to go.


Ellen said...

Chris: I sped home from work in record time, but to no avail. I loved the 10 seconds at the end of the show, and damn if that boy doesn't look good. I think Mom has a not-so-secret crush.

Paris: Oh she's just adorable in her business suit. She can sing and attend a board meeting simultaneously. Example: "Hey Paris, how far has our stock risen in the last fiscal year." "1.3 PERCEEEEEEEEENT!" If this was a written letter I would have put musical notes around her reply.

Taylor: His top half was competely paralelle to the floor at one point. I LOVED him!

Elliott: I'm going to say what Simon couldn't but really wanted to. He's too ugly to win. Personally I thought everything but the jacket and opening position was wonderful. Bottom 3.

Ace: Better than he usually sings. We thought he was going to do an Antonio Bandaras number with that hair. Bottom 3.

Kellie: Oh kellie. I really did think the first 20 seconds were good. Bonus points, as mom says for being the first american idol contenstant to admit, "I butchered it." i think she's out this week. Bottom 3.

Katherine: Excellent, but not my favorite.

In the words of The Four Seasons... oh what a night.

Rebecca said...

Bottom 3: Kellie, Elliot and Ace.
Elliot IS very goofy looking..but then, I think Ace is too.
Kellie is out this week. But then, I think she should have been out weeks ago.

Chris is a looker though...I want him to win. Like his style too. Adam wants ditzy hottie Katharine to win. Typical male.

Rebecca said...

Oh, and am I the only one who is actually annoyed by Taylor's random stage convulsions? So unnatural....