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Thursday, April 06, 2006

'Fess Up.

Okay, I HAVE to know: who are you two people who answered "No" to the poll below? Because I have my guesses. :)

Okay, fine, twist my arm, I'll tell you: I think one is my mom, and I think the other is Peg. I'm less certain about Peg. :)


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peggles said...

sorry meg. not i. in fact, i did not even reply at all. it has been a few days since i have been on the internet and checked your blog. but i am more inclined to say no. are you sure jg and lucy did not nudge him over during all of their hovering? and if he really did roll over, would joel not come running to you with wide eyes and pride? "meg, guess what our son just did!" i know. it's joel. so probably not. no offense jg. love you lots.