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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Psycho Sleeper

Okay, so the top "artist's rendering" is how I put Lucy down to bed in her crib last night at 7:30. The "B"s are her three blankets. The bottom one is how I found her, a mere 15 minutes later, fast asleep. Those are her socks in her left hand.

And we're considering putting her in a big-girl bed??


Josher's Mama said...

Hi Meg! Love the drawr-rings! Scott and I have the same "Big Boy Bed" issues with the Josher! I swear when I lay him down, he's on his back with his blankie tucked around him and he's lined straight up and down with the bed. And when I check on him later, he's kicked the blankie off, and he's either 1) crammed up in the top right corner of the crib with an arm hanging out of the crib bars, or 2) he's on his tummy with his legs tucked under him and his wrists are flat down on the bed, and he's still crammed in a corner of his crib. I have no idea how kids learn to sleep like that, or how they're supposed to sleep in a big kid bed, but if you get some good tips, let me know! : )

Alison Strobel Morrow said...


Neighborino Nicole said...

Big girl bed WITH railings, Meg, RAILINGS! Oh, and Will and Owen are the same way ... except that they usually throw EVERYTHING out of their cribs before they go to sleep. There is a mountain of blankies, stuffed animals and usually a nuk or two between the cribs in the morning. :)