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Monday, April 17, 2006

Friggin kidding me

The last couple days have been a constant stream of adding insult to injury. Argh.
So this evening I hear a loud crash come from the bathroom. Joel left the toilet seat up (as he does when he's really stressed out and/or tired) and my entire bag of makeup (left open because when I even GET to put makeup on these days it has to be fast) fell into the toilet water.

So, the question: do I now really have to buy All New Makeup?


peggles said...

was the toilet filled with 'clean' toilet water or was there pee &/or poop in it? either way, i think you do have to go out and buy mew makeup. argh.

Anonymous said...

Make Joel buy you all new makeup -- or loan you his.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! They don't call it waterproof for nuttin. These items should be safe: Mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, chapstick. Pretty much anything in a stick. Items you might want to consider replacing: Powder and eyeshadow.
Haven't you ever heard the popular saying, "A dogs butt is the cleanist thing in the world." I think it works for humans as well.

Meg said...

You guys are HILARIOUS. I mean it!

Peg: it was "clean" (i.e. "recently flushed") but...

Kate: good point, I have two kids and toilet-cleaning takes a back seat to, well, just about everything else.

Ellen: That's what *I* was thinking!! About the powder/shadow, that is. NOT about the dog's butt.

Anonymous said...

Ewwwh! The question is, how often do you clean you toliet?? Think of it this way, now you have an excuse to get new make-up!
Kate T

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am with Kate on this one. Even a toilet that has just been cleaned is not really "clean" to me. I say go and get all new make-up. What other time can you spend money on things like that and Joel can not say a thing. ~Molly G.

Rebecca said...

I'm thinking anything in a tube or bottle should be ok, compact stuff should should the eyeshadow.

Makeup is EXPENSIVE! (And it doesn't sound like it was marinating in toilet juice all day either).