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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I know there are people with real problems.

It's a truly miserable November day here today. Oh, what's that, you say it's April? Well it feels like November. 39 degrees and dropping, rainsy and windsy. Yecch.

Jean and I ran about 27 minutes around my neighborhood last night, and it totally didn't kill me! Well I thought the first 1/2 mile uphill was going to, but then it didn't and of course I was glad we went. Ugh, I just mapped it and it says it was only 2.54 miles, which is NOT as close to 3 as it would be if we were on a base-60 math system like time is. Well, no wonder I felt so good at the end.

I'm having no luck whatsoever getting this house into any kind of organized condition. I looooved it in here when we had the house on the market and there wasn't a trace of clutter anywhere. Now I feel like we need some serious clutter chemotherapy -- I want to burn the clutter out of here. Since I can't seem to pull together a scrap of motivation during naptime, I'm just going to have to pull an all-nighter one of these days. I might be tired the day following, but I bet I'd get a TON done.

OK, a couple other business items:
1. I really want to acquire a piano. It has to be small, though, because our living room is ridiculous in its Lilliputianism. And it has to have reasonably decent sound, or Jean won't play it (and she'll be the primary player for the next few years until the kids start lessons).

2. I really want to lose our love seat. It is too giant to move anywhere else in the house, and it's really too big for our living room. If I had my druthers, we'd replace both the couch AND love seat. They were purchased probably about 6 years ago from Wickes. They are some La-z-boy brand, I think, and they are exceedingly comfortable. The problem? The love seat spent a couple months in the garage last year, and it sort of had a mouse family living in it for a while. The mice were quickly evicted, but not before they chewed a teeny spot on the front of the love seat. So I feel like we can't actually sell it for more than a few bucks.

I dunno, what should I do? I've threatened to take a crowbar and pry the giant arms off both the couch and love seat, to reclaim the 48 cubic feet of space the arms alone occupy. 

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