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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Forever in blue jeans

We borrowed "How Are You Peeling?" from ECFE -- a kids' book with pics of vegetables and fruits making all kinds of silly faces to show different feelings. We were talking about the faces on one page, where there was a green pepper scowling at an apple. Lucy scowled back at the page and said: "That's no way to treat an apple!"

Later on Lu was sitting on the pot and I was sitting on the tub facing her (because this is the only way she will go). She was staring into my eyes, and in my pupils she saw a reflection of... herself.

"Why do I see Lucy in your eyes?" she asked. I thought it was cool that she noticed that, and I explained about the reflection. She thought about it for a moment and then, still staring straight into me, asked "Do you see Meg?"

Well, that totally blew me away. I DID see myself in her eyes. Literally, I mean. It's amazing when kids develop the "theory of mind," I think that's what it's called, when they realize that other people have their own thoughts that might be different from their own. The human brain is absolutely incredible.

Ed was adorable today too. I had to awaken him from his nap at 5:00 and when I did that, he rolled over, yawned and said "Mommy, I'm TIRED." Later on he was refusing to go to bed and he was flipping all over, so I went to give him a FINAL goodnight kiss and he twisted over to see me, smiled and said "I'm upside down!"

Oh, and yesterday he was refusing to nap, and I could hear him bopping around in his room. I went in and found him sitting entirely under the little Ikea kids' table. Just staring at me with those giant brown eyes, waiting to see if he was in trouble. I went in a little later because I still heard banging, and he was sitting inside one of his wicker toy baskets, hammering the wall. Strange child.

See? He doesn't sound funny on paper. Er... screen. I assure you, he is. :)

Ed's cloth diapers are going great. I hesitate to type this next thing, because I know it doesn't make any sense, but: I somehow feel more invested in his diapering. I care more about what happens to his little body. I actually kind of look forward to changing his diapers -- the clothies are cute, and cute on him, and it matters more to me whether he is wet or dirty. I'm really, really happy with the used Thirsties All-In-Ones I got. And even the prefolds are folding a LOT better, and snugger.

Neil Diamond is performing on American Idol. I really love Neil Diamond. I also love that his backup singers are AT LEAST as old as he is. I appreciate his giving those old bags a job.

We had another speaker come in to ECFE today, to talk about nutrition. And now I'm trying to wrap my mind around eliminating breakfast cereal. I know, I KNOW! When will the madness cease? But the truth is, breakfast cereal is processed, and most of it doesn't have enough protein to sustain the kids until a 10AM snack. And all of it has sugar. So I'm going to have to work on getting eggs or more yogurt or some sausages into the munchkins. I'm also thinking about switching to raw milk... at least for the kids.

A lot of what the speaker talked about, I already knew -- high fructose corn syrup is bad... shop around the perimeter of a grocery store for the most "real foods"... saturated fats like butter are way better for you than the super-processed "lite" fat-substitutes they sell. So it was good to get some confirmation that I'm headed in the right direction. She also really advocated having a garden so the kids can A) really see where food comes from, and 2) help with harvesting and food prep.

Oh, and I tried to do the Right Thing and wash my kids with Kirk's Castille Soap because supposably it doesn't have any of those nasty chemicals in it... and Lucy totally had a reaction to it. I forget how sensitive her skin is. We used it on her face (not my choice, actually -- but Lucy insisted) and she got these red patches and complained that her face hurt. Well, I said, Lu, I tried to use the gentler baby soap (which DOES have yucky chemicals but doesn't sting the eyes) on your face but you demanded the Castille soap, so maybe next time you'll let me use the soap that I know is gentler on your face, Lu, what do you think?

"Mommy you were right!" she wailed.

I took the cheat-sheet available at and underlined the "bad chemicals" in the ingredient lists on all our shampoos, soaps etc. I underlined them because, I'll be honest -- I'm too cheap to throw out full bottles of product. I also underlined them so that I could start to familiarize myself with the complicated non-English names. Because "DMDM Hydantoin" and "PEG-30" used to mean nothing to me, but if I remember to glance at them every time I use them, I can start to remember which ones "should be avoided" versus "will give you cancer tomorrow."

Jean and I had our first vball game last night -- mind you, I'm not actually on the team. I'm a sub but I'm really hoping I'll get to play a lot. I ruuuuv sand volleyball. Except, let me tell you, the sand was real chilly last night. I seriously thought I was getting toe-frostbite by the middle of the second game. It was fun to play with Aaron and Nellie again -- and of course Jean and Cortney. And we had a new guy, Phil, who was Iamnotkiddingyou seven feet tall. His head brushed the top of the net, which I can only BARELY reach when I jump as high as I possibly can with my monster-ups. It was totally different, playing with someone who could essentially cover the entire court if he so wished. He was a really nice guy and we won 2 out of 3.

Oh man I'd better get to bed. Talk later...


CarolSue said...

Sometimes, it scares me.

I'm not talking about the chemicals and processed foods... well, those scare me, too... but what I'm talking about is the fact that you mentioned Neil Diamond's back-up singers.

I spent probably a good, oh, 45 seconds last night during Neil's performance (he and I are on a first name basis, thankyouverymuch) thinking about how you just don't see back-up singers who are obviously close to qualifying for AARP.

7-grain bread.

Tendrils said...

I just got a box from method to try out their new bath products for kids and babies. DO you use any other method products??? I LOVE THEM! And they're at Target! :) Right now we have the Peach shampoo and the baby wash.......that's what the company sent me to try...but we're heading to Target this weekend to pick up the bubble bath/body wash. :)

Check them out on their site:

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Trendrils, how did you get them to send you a sample box??? I want some! I didn't know they did those kinds of products, I thought it was just all cleaning stuff, some of which we use. I like it too. (Though their holly berry hand soap smells awful.)

Meg, you are quickly becoming my hero. I sit around and talk about how I need to make changes, but you actually make them. I tip my hat to you, friend. And I am so there with you on giving up cereal. I basically have, I only eat in weak moments, but it was SO HARD to give up, especially since I practically lived on the stuff. Oh Lucky Charms, how I miss thee!! And as if you needed another reason to give up processed foods, here's one that will scare you: 7 out of 10 processed foods has genetically modified ingredients, and GM foods are being linked with a new disease, called Morgellon's Disease, where the GM foods start mutating your cells to create--get this--PLASTIC FIBERS. Check it out: (Scroll down to Dr. Mercola's comments and you'll see the stuff on Morgellon's Disease.) I'm not always a fan of Mercola's health advice, but the man gives it to you straight when it comes to crap like this. Makes me shudder, I tell you.

Melissa said...

I signed up to be a "method Advocate" a couple of years whenever there is a new product, the advocates get to try it. :) I can't find it anywhere on their site to sign up now.......but keep watching for it! They say the advocate part will be back on their NEW site in May sometime!