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Monday, April 21, 2008

Her is

Saw "The Pajama Game" at BCT on Saturday, with Jean (my constant theatre companion -- we decided it freaks out my theatre friends to see two of me sitting in the front row during a performance). It was EXCELLENT! Super-professional, not that I expected any less, and all the individual performances were nuanced, interesting, and funny. Not to mention I knew a batch of the cast (Ed Williams who was involved in every show I did at BCT, Heather Paulson from when I was in Joseph now-almost-5 years ago, Tom Danford who was Coach Bolton in HSM, and Ryan Halliday who was a beedle-dee-dee with me in Cabaret).

So I've had the song "Her Is" stuck in my head ever since. I don't actually know any of the words but it was a really cute number. Once I was able to CHOKE back my jealousy, that is.

Her is... the kinda girl who's trying to be more crunchy, isn't her?
Her is.
Her is... crazy to be trying out cloth diapers, isn't her?
Her is!

Ed is on cloth diaper #3 of the day (and of his life, if you don't count the towel we had to use one evening at Jean's house when we totally ran out and it was Easter so the stores were all closed) -- and so far, not terrible! Other than the fact that my technique sucks (so it takes me, like, 10 minutes to get the new one pinned in place), so far it hasn't really been much different from a 'sposies day. ('Sposies is short for "disposables" -- cloth diapering is so cool that it has lingo.)

I don't know a single other person cloth-diapering who might read this, but just FYI I'm going the cheapo route -- I bought a dozen unbleached Chinese Diaper-Service Quality Premium-size prefolds, two Prorap snap covers, and one BumGenius 3.0 set. I'd planned on using the BumGenius for overnights but the more I read, the more it sounds like the prefolds will actually be great overnight. I'm excited and there are to date TWO FEWER disposable diapers in the world's landfills.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Seriously, I am so impressed with you going the CD route. You've really made me think. I mean, the reason I decided not to before is because I'm so lazy when it comes to laundry, and I thought, "Ugh, all those stinky diapers lying around waiting for me to wash them! Gross!" But now that Abby only poops, like, once a day, twice at the most, and it could basically be dumped into the toilet really easily, it wouldn't be too awful. Maybe I'll start doing them with her...

That comment about there being two of you cracked me up. One day you posted a pic and I thought, "Holy cats, she's turned into Jean!" I couldn't believe how much you two look alike!

Pat said...

When I first met the G family -- I thought Jean WAS Meg for about a month.