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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Waiting for Wednesday

I can't believe, again, how long I've been slacking! Time really flies. OK.

Ed is walking, full-bore. I bought him some Target gym shoes and, I know, this is not what the books say, but I swear they have helped him find his balance. He's off to the races. He has also started repeating more words: tickle, tickle... Starsky (the Jack Russell terrier next door; I swear Ed said her name tonight)... all gone... yeah... and he was saying turtle the other day at the Children's Museum. I have witnesses! He's a really funny little dude.

Lucy is getting into the bad habit of mocking/repeating what grownups say in conversations where she's not the COA. For example, my cousin Brian stopped by for dinner tonight (which was super fun! I LOVE it when my business-tripping famblymembers come see our crazy life first-hand!) Anyway, Brian was talking, and Lucy would keep interrupting with "hmm" or "really" or "omiGOSH!" Which I know that I do when others are talking, but I do try to do it at appropriate times; Lucy not so much. Really, it truly bugs me because it feels like she's mocking me. She can't be, yet, right? Well it makes my interjections seem insincere, which I do not appreciate. :)

Staying very busy with running and sports these days; I am following Hal's 15K (9-mile) training program for novices (Jean is on a first-name basis with Hal, so if you're a runner maybe you are too? I am not) which means I do not have to run every day, though I am supposed to be doing the occasional cross-training/cardio workout. I have been counting "mowing the lawn with a self-propelled mower" and "taking the kids to the grocery store" as cross-training, and I'm not certain I won't be sunk, come Memorial Day. Oh, I've also been skipping the "Strength/Stretching" parts of the workouts. I don't do situps/pushups and I do try to stretch every day. My left knee has been hurting a bit too, so I've been tentative about running the last week. I did do 3 miles today and it almost felt good. Props to John Gilligan for letting me know about the training program! I really do like to have a plan. Regardless of whether or not I follow it.

Back to Lucy. We had some major setbacks in the overnight-diaper department (three wet nights in a row) so we are back in buppers for the time being. She was dry last night (but didn't get to bed until 9:30 because Alley Joel was babysitting because he ROCKS and because coed volleyball really needed Joel to step in as well, which he did with flying colors). We have a healthy supply of diapers leftover, so I don't mind using them up. Because that's the kind of cheapskate I am.

Twins are losing... again... and somehow even though I know that "winning the series" (because that's what we're going to do because Santana is pitching tomorrow... RIGHT!?!?) should be all that matters, I still get grouchy when they lose.

I know there's more to write but I am beat... and I just started a great new book. Sayonara...


Jean said...

A. I am only on a first name basis with Hal because I can never remember his last name!
B. I'm pretty sure Lucy is not too young to mock. I mean, we were probably her age when we started teasing mom, right? It's in our genes!
C. I know what you mean about the Twins. They're breakin' my heart! They game up 4 runs in the top of the first yesterday, so I gave up listening to them. I turned on Les Miserables instead - much more uplifting! :)
D. Richard Nixon!

Meg said...

Oh! Beans! That reminds me, I meant to tell you, when I was running with my iPod the other day, I had to turn off Miss Saigon because it was too depressing to run to.

Also, Santana's not pitching today; it's Silva.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

What book, what book??

I don't think Lu is mocking--I think she's just trying to get the hang of conversation. She's obviously been watching how you do it, and while she doesn't get that the point of "mm-hm" and "oh my gosh!" are that they're reactions and not just random phrases you say whenever, she DOES know that apparently when you're listening to someone talk, that's what your job is. Same with copying stuff in general--she's hearing so many phrases and words that are new, she just copies them since she doesn't know how else to use them. Now, if she's saying it over and over and over with that little stinker glint in her eye--well, that's her looking to see how far she can push, which is the job of every child: to determine where the boundaries lie and just how firm they are.

*end know-it-all mode*

Ed said Starsky?! That's a heck of a mouthful--good for him!!