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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This just in... kids are nuts.

ARGH!! Blogger is killing me. I have like eight other photos I want up here and for the life of me I can't stop the Blogger errors. Insert loud, long swearing tirade here.
While you're waiting for the photos, you can read this little ditty I wrote one year ago today... and never posted. From May 22, 2006:

I know, I know, I’m psycho mom. I think my kids are the smartest, cutest, most amazing little beings on the planet. Blah blah blah. I can’t help myself. Maybe it’s because they look like Joel that I think they are so beautiful.

Today we put Lucy in her new toddler bed, generously donated by Joel’s aunt Doris (who’s between toddlers right now). We also moved Ed from the bassinet-part of his pack-n-play, into Lu’s old crib. (We’d been having to lay him diagonally in said bassinet for the last month, and even that way he’s brushing the walls with his head in one corner and tootsies in the other.)

Now, I know that entire books have been written about how to make this kind of transition less painful for your kid. Their little lives are full of transitions -- breast milk-to-formula-to-milk. Liquids-to-solids. Breast-to-bottle-to-sippy-to-cup. Rear-facing-to-forward-facing. You name it. And maybe I give my kids too much credit for inheriting Joel’s easy-going genes… but I figured, deep down, that this bed-switch wouldn’t be a biggie.

But maybe it’s just that I’m cheap and lazy. I eat expired yogurt and food that’s been on the floor, because I don’t want to throw stuff out, and I really don’t want to buy new stuff to replace it. The stuff you buy to replace it could just as easily go bad and need to be thrown out, too… and that’s just not good economics. (Disclaimer: I have never actually studied economics. Supply/demand whaa?)

So, right, my point: I am far too cheap to purchase a second crib for Eddie. I know other 1½-year-olds in twin- or full-beds; therefore, Lucy should be able to handle a bigger bed. So I started looking for twin beds for her. But is sometimes a crapshoot, and did I want to buy a new twin bed? Nooo!

So we got the toddler bed from the Moylan family, and found another crib mattress at Craig’s List for $20. And I spent about 30 seconds thinking about a way to make the switch without Lucy noticing. But what we ended up doing was simply bringing the toddler bed into Lucy’s room, putting it together right in front of her, popping her old mattress into the frame, and showing her how to climb in. Meanwhile, we took her crib apart (it doesn’t fit through our door frames) and put it back together in Ed’s room. Naptime came, and I put Lu in her new bed, and she was out like a light. Then bedtime came this evening, and Lucy went back into her new bed, and Ed went into his new bed… and they’re both cashed out. Totally amazing.

My dentist is always trying to upsell me. Whitening… power toothbrushes… it’s driving me mental. Like, I understand the marketing reasons behind it -- an existing customer is more likely to spend more money with you than a new customer, and it’s far less expensive to get an existing customer to spend the money than it is to bring in new customers… “organic revenue growth” is the buzzword (buzzphrase). But as that existing customer, I find it really irritating.

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I think my favorite part of this post is the completely unrelated comment about your upselling dentist at the end. Funny thing: mine does it too! Though he makes it sound like he's giving me a huge discount: "I think whitening would look really good on you. We'll make it really easy for you..." Like, why would he want to do me any favors? He insists he'd do it at wholesale cost, and I guess maybe I'm jaded because I just keep thinking, "There's a catch, I know there is." Maybe not and I should just jump on it before he changes his mind.

That's great that your kids are so flexible. Sometimes Abby is, sometimes not, it's real crapshoot.