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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A couple other notes:

1. Thank you SO MUCH to each and every one of you who emailed, called, or commented, or otherwise sent your well-wishes for the run last weekend. I am not sure whether I'd mentioned this before (and many of you were already aware), but May 27th was the one-year anniversary of my Aunt Jan's passing. It was important, I think, for our family to be together, and I know I wouldn't have attempted to do something like that on my own. So I want you all to know how much your support meant to me.

2. I forgot to mention some of the other fun things we did over the weekend! Sunday afternoon we bought a kite at Aldi and took it to the meadow. Joel and my dad were kind of in charge of flying the thing, and when they gave Lucy the kite-reins, hilarity ensued. Imagine Joel running at full speed (which, as you know, is about 20 mph) and then diving-and-rolling to try to catch a runaway kite. And then imagine my dad wading across the creek in his tennis shoes. And then Joel and me, trying to dislodge a kite from two trees.

Monday morning, we drove the kids over to Arlington Park to watch the thoroughbreds go through their morning warmups. You can drive right up to the rail and watch them ride by. Special thanks to the one trainer who pulled his horse right over to let Lu and Ed pet her. He told us the horse wasn't a runner yet, just a baby of three. We told Lucy the horse was about her age; pretty sure that blew Lucy's mind. It was a beautiful morning and the horses were, of course, gorgeous... and a neat reminder that some of the best things in life are free.

3. Today I mourn the end of one of my favorite websites, Batgirl. Truly, the site that turned me into a Twins fan... and a baseball fan.

4. Argh, I know I had more, but I seriously have to go mow the lawn. Love and hugs to everyone... it's Tuesday! Yess!!

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