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Monday, May 28, 2007

We Did It!!

My sisters and I finished the Soldier Field 10-mile!

AND Joel and I made it to our 7th anniversary!

The run itself was pretty brutal. Ellen took off ahead (and averaged 8-minute miles; that girl is totally amazing), but Jean and I ran the whole thing together and averaged just under 10-minute-miles, which I thought was really good, for us! Running that fast, though, I tell you what, the last 2 miles were really tough. But the weather was just perfect and I'm very proud to say it is done.

You can see our times and whatnot by clicking here and doing a "Ctrl-F" for "gronau" -- Jean is three places behind me (we finished at the same time, but there were lots of other people finishing at that time so it's alphamabetical).

And here are some photos!

We made a side trip to Milwaukee to visit Peg and John and any other little person who may or may not be living in their house now. It was great to see them!! Also, I cut Eddie's hair tonight:


Molly said...

Congrats to you on both! I really admire the fact that you set the goal and made it. Are you going to sign up for any other runs?

Also huge Congrats to you and Joel! I can't believe that is has been 7 years already. Phil and I are going to celebrate 10 on June 14th. It all feels like just yesterday!

Anyway, way to go, we are all proud of you.

Meg said...

Molly you are too fast!! I put up more pictures, please check back! :) :) :)

Meg said...

Wow, 10 years for you and Phil! I remember, because I was 10 days short of turning 21 at your wedding.

Right now, I do not care if I ever take another running step as long as I live. However, I'm sure in a couple days I'll rethink that. It sure is addicting. I don't have any other specific races on the horizon... but we'll see.


Jean said...

Hey, Meggo - thanks for posting the pictures. I sent people from my blog to yours for viewing, since I didn't have any of my own. Hope you don't mind!!

Suds said...

Congratulations Meg!! What a great accomplishment~~~~ setting goals and actually finishing the race~way to go!!

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Wow! Congratulations! Very impressive. You know, Meg, you're making us "old" moms look like slackers. Our version of fun was sitting on the front stoop, drinking margaritas ("Hey, Sandy, is it happy hour yet? These kids are killin' me!")and smokin' cigarettes while our kids beat each other up in the backyard.

Seriously, though, you rock. And so does Joel, who had the good sense to marry you. Happy anny.

'Ol Neighborina Nicole said...

You are simply amazing, I am just so proud of you for signing up, finding the time to train, and of course, finishing the race. Can't wait to hear the play-by-play (mile-by-mile?) at our playdate this week!

Seattle Nicole said...

Meg -- congrats to you, Jean and Ellen on the race! And you all look amazing -- whatever you gals are on, please let us know your secret! : )

Amy said...

Congrats!!!! I'm so proud of you three for setting such a big goal and accomplishing it! I'm hoping to finish my measly 5K this upcoming weekend, a far cry from 10 miles, but good enough for me.

Congrats on the anniversary too. I can't believe it's been 7 years already. I remember flirting with the bartender at your wedding!

Lisa Anderson said...

Congrats on the 10-mile and Happy Anniversary!

bridget said...

Congrats on both the race and the anniversary! Both are quite impressive!