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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Urinetown! Your ticket should say "Urinetown!"

The shortsightedness of my blog URL really makes me smirk at myself. Maybe one of these days I'll pack up and move to something less Lucy-centric.

Happy Mothers' Day, everybody! We've been staying mad crazy, as usual. I'll try to quickly run through the last few days here:

Thursday Joel went to the Twins game and broke his fingernail on a DJ Cuddles foul ball that he did not catch. In the immortal words of Dennis Damiani: If you can touch it, you can catch it! Or wait, Dennis said "It's all about turnovers." Speaking of which, I hear he and Sally are preggers. I don't think they read this, but Congrats anyway!

Thursday night I had a coed softball game that I did not find out that we won until it was over and we were walking back to the car. I am really liking my coed team; I get to play with Jean and Julie and the rest of the team is very nice as well, and Joel brought the kids to the game last week, with mixed results. Our team is 2-1 so far.

Friday evening we packed a picnic dinner and Joel dropped me off on one side of Lake Phalen so I could run around it 2.5 times. Which I did! Maintaining 10-minute miles, which I'm really happy about. It was a little over 7.5 miles which is the farthest I have ever gone (except maybe that one time in college when I was really angry and I ran for maybe a couple hours in the middle of the night). I felt kind of good the whole time. I didn't have to walk, and I caught my second wind around 40 minutes and then my third wind at about an hour. I didn't run with the iPod because, I was trying to exaplin this to Jean and it made sense to her but we sort of share a brain so here goes: I kind of need to "hear" what my body is saying when I'm running. If I'm listening to music, I can't concentrate on adjusting my stride to compensate for whatever might be hurting me at the moment, and I can't hear my breathing to know whether I'm going too hard too fast (or simply not regulating my breathing enough). I have been using a lot of my old hypnobirthing breathing as I run; for sure, those exercises increased my lung capacity and my ability to breathe reaalllly deeply and slowly. I feel like the hypnobirthing practicing also lets me direct energy to different parts of my body as needed; if my legs are getting tired, I feel like I can focus on my arms' motion to distract from the legs. I don't know, it's pretty cool. I know when I used to run (ages ago) my breathing was really what got me down; I'd be really panting like a three-legged dog by the end. Now I feel like I can keep up this deep, slow breathing kind of forever. I'm certainly not saying it's easy, but I'm surprised at how fun it has been to improve and really feel the results of the running training.

Oh, except then I had to run again the next morning, and I almost died.

Saturday morning my mom came up for a very quick overnight visit. The entire crew went back to Lake Phalen and Jean ran around the lake twice; I ran once and biked it once. At the same time we were there, there was a fundraising Run/Walk for Batten disease; I'd never heard of it, but it's a terrible brain disease that hits kids around the age of 5 and the mortality is 100% by age 13. Kind of like MS or ALS for kids, it sounds like. Despite a few horrific appearances by clowns, we kind of butted into the festival and bought some lunch and had a little picnic. P.S> My knee is a constant irritation, but there were no shinsplints to be had all weekend. Also my sitz-bones are a teeny bit tender from riding the bike (for a whole 30 minutes, could I be a bigger baby?), the seat of which is still adjusted to fit Aunt Jan's legs, which were at least 4 inches longer than mine.

Saturday night we trucked up to Monti for Adam Briner's college graduation party. Sunday morning we went to church at Alley Joel and Cara's church in WBL. It was a really good service and we're going to try to make it more often. There were only about 15 people in the congregation and it was very cool to be in such a small group. The pastor is Alley Joel's cousin and he and his wife have 3 little boys, the youngest two of whom are just a little older than Lu and Ed, respectively. So the kids had a wonderful time together too.

This afternoon, Jean and I went to see Urinetown at Heritage Theatre Co at the MCC. I knew several people in it (and working on it) and it was a terrific show! The talent of the cast was amazing and the staging was great. The show is very funny; if you're looking for some wonderful community theatre (only $15!) try to catch it next weekend. It really made me miss performing. Like, a lot. **wistful sigh**

My one regret of this Mothers' Day is not making it to the Farmer's Market this weekend; I'm not sure what they even have this time of year, but I mean to make myself a regular fixture there this summer. And now I won't get there until June. Rats.

Well, it's probably bedtime for me. Have a great week!

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