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Monday, May 21, 2007

Our mini-vacation!

Hi there! Just got back (well, at 11:00 last night) from a long weekend trip to Chicago... just me and Joel! It was ever so lovely. My dad came up Friday morning to watch the kids, and we took off in the van. We went down to Stulie's house and ate dinner at Epicurean, a Hungarian restaurant on Roosevelt Rd. I had veal paprikash ("Waaaaiiiiterrr, there is too much paaaaaper... in my paprikash") and we had these amazing Grease Bombs as an appetizer. Basically it was a deep-fried elephant ear (only more buttery) served with chunks of roasted garlic on top... and then you dunk it in sour cream. Mmmmm.

Saturday morning we hooked up with Ellen (and who hasn't?) and my Mom in El's neighborhood and went for a nice walk along the lakefront and then ordered some pizza and then I fell asleep on the couch. It might have been the gigantic margaritas Joel and Ellen made after the walk. Ellen and I did go out for cannolis a little later but we retired early.

Sunday we had crepes at our favorite Lincoln Park crepe place and then had to dash back out west for Stulie's baby shower. We got to see some old friends (Sally, Dennis, Katie Joyce, Robin and Vince and CJ, Amber, and some others) we hadn't seen in forever, and then Joel and I trucked on back to St Paul last night. It is really good to be home. My dad was plum worn out, I'm sure. And we missed the munchkins.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Jean and I ran 9-and-three-eighths-miles (3x around Lake Phalen) Thursday night! And felt terrific!! We ran another 3-ish miles this morning and I think we are maybe actually going to be able to finish this thing on Saturday. Chicagoland residents, come on down to Soldier Field on Saturday morning and watch us, all sweaty and grody, on the Jumbotron!

PPS I will try to take, then post, photos of the kids soon here. It's been a while.

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